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100 Resources for Spanish teachers

In honor of my 100th post, I have put together the 100 best resources that I have found (so far!) for world language teachers. 

100 Resources for Spanish teachers

Top 10 Music Resources

  1. Billboard Latino - Check out top 100 for new songs for class
  2. Pandora - Stream music based on genre, artist or song 
  3. Batanga - Free Spanish music streaming
  4. Latin Grammy Awards - listen to nominated music by genre
  5. Lyrics Training - Free online cloze activities to practice listening skills for songs in many languages with varying levels of difficulty
  6. Clozeline - Zachary Jones - Cloze activities & questions based on grammar focus
  7. Cancionero - Zachary Jones - Song activities centered around a theme
  8. Entrevista - Zachary Jones  - Interview with musicians (the resources are so awesome it deserved 3 separate mentions!)
  9. Sharon Birch's Music Pinterest Board & Music Database - she has all the best new music & the database can be sorted to find a song for any need
  10. Baile viernes - my most popular post to date shows you how to incorporate dance in class

10 Resources to Move Beyond the Textbook

  1. Teaching Spanish Thematic & Authentic - Kara Jacobs has entire upper level cultural units full of wonderful authentic resources. 
  2. Teachers Pay Teachers - Buy lessons or whole units while supporting fellow teachers. 
  3. TPRS Publishing - The amazing teachers guides provide a well rounded cultural unit. 
  4. Amy Lenord's Pinterest Boards  - Every authentic resource you could ever want is neatly categorized on her boards by theme or topic
  5. The Comprehensible Classroom By Martina Bex - The storytelling units are amazing, complete and an affordable way to use comprehensible input lessons. 
  6. Film in the Spanish Classroom - Resources to teach authentic Spanish films.
  7. Film Arobics  - This site provides full movie units for purchase. 
  8. Units for Spanish Class - Zachary Jones is the first place I go for ready to go activities using authentic sources. 
  9. Jefferson County Public Schools - Here are great examples of planning WL curriculum outside of the framework of a textbook. 
  10. Curriculum planning outside the textbook - Before you make the no textbook leap, check out great posts by Musicuentos on the topic. 

5 Twitter Chats

  1. #langchat - WL teachers unite in my favorite PD - Thursday 7-8pm & Saturday 9-10am CST
  2. #spanstuchat - a great opportunity for Spanish students & teacher to practice - 1st & 3rd Tuesday of the month 8-9pm CST
  3. #iaedchat - Iowa (& other!) educators discuss issues important to us - Sunday 8-9pm CST
  4. #tlap - a super fast paced & lively chat about Dave Burgess'Teach Like a Pirate - Monday 8-9pm CST
  5. #ReflectiveTeacher - reflect with other teachers - Tuesday 6-7pm CST

World Language Blogs & Websites

  1. Amy Lenord - Amy the language coach inspires me to be a better teacher & person
  2. Aventuras Nuevas  - Bethanie shares amazing and beautiful resources, including El Internado.
  3. Bryce Hedstrom - A website chock full of resources for TPRS
  4. El Mundo del Birch - Sharon has wonderful resources for music and teaching with novels.
  5. Embedded Reading - Resources and ideas of how to incorporate comprehensible reading in class. 
  6. En français, SVP! - Wendy shares her honest struggles & journey as a young French teacher.
  7. Hearts for Teaching - Laurie shares CI resources like an old friend. 
  8. Kristy Placido - Kristy shares TPRS resources as an expert author.
  9. La Clase de la Senora Dentlinger - I have had the great pleasure to meet this awesome fellow Iowan teacher with inspiring ideas for new units. 
  10. Language Sensei - Even though Colleen teaches Japanese her ideas for communicating in class can easily be applied to any language class. 
  11. Lugar Para Pensar - Andrea has fresh ideas for how to spice up a language class. 
  12. Maris Hawkins - The most frequent WL blog poster always has a great tidbit or idea to share. 
  13. Martina Bex - Martina has all the resources to become a Ci teacher
  14. MJ TPRS - Great resources for a CI teacher
  15. Musicuentos - The archives are like a treasure chest of great ideas that will challenge the way you think & teach. 
  16. My generation of Polyglots - Here is the El Internado holy grail of resources
  17. señorita barragán - Crystal's post about free reading in class convinced me to start my own class library. 
  18. Somewhere to Share - Carrie Toth has a never ending supply of fun activities to complete with novels. 
  19. Spanish Plans - Lots of resources and ideas for teaching Spanish
  20. Sra Spanglish - Laura is the expert on genius hour and project based learning in WL
  21. Teaching Spanish WIth Comprehensible Input - Cynthia has wonderful reading resources, especially with novels. 
  22. Teaching Spanish Thematic & Authentic - Kara's resources for her Culture & Civilization class are so great they deserve two spots on this list!
  23. The Creative Language Class  - This is the first language blog I ever followed and my class uses so many of their routines including "La Bienvenida," "Viernes Chant," & "Friday Feedback."
  24. Truquitos Chéveres Para la Clase de Español - There are always fun activities for holidays on this blog. 
  25. Williamson CI & TPRS - Dustin is another one of my favorite sharers of resources for El Internado.

10 Must Have Apps/Websites

  1. Blog Lovin - This app is the game changer for becoming a regular blog reader.
  2. Twitter  - The PD and resources shared on Twitter is something I wish I would have found sooner.
  3. Pinterest  - Finding authentic resources and new blogs becomes an addiction on Pinterest.
  4. Google Classroom - The organization of classroom has made transitioning to a 1:1 school a breeze. 
  5. YouTube  - I use videos on a daily basis and love my baile viernes playlist.
  6. Kahoot - Create fun online quizzes or search from those that are public
  7. Duolingo - Free online/app practice of many languages. 
  8. Trivia Crack  - Play this fun game in many languages for Choice Homework
  9. Twitter Trends Map - Search through the trends in the country you are studying.
  10. Word Reference - The anti translator, with options and forums.

10 Great Authentic Websites

  1. Es Mas Cine - Videos, news, and photos about movies. 
  2. ESPN Deportes - The perfect #authres to start a sports unit. 
  3. El Corte Inglés - The Target of Spain is perfect for any kids of shopping unit. 
  4. Meme Martes - Authentic memes with accompanying questions, perfect for Choice Real World Homework
  5. Immigrant Archive Project - short videos of real immigrants sharing their story
  6. University of Austin Spanish Proficiency Exercises - Native speaker clips are sorted by theme and task. 
  7. Veinte Mundos - The online articles are on a variety of topics, with activities & videos.
  8. Univisión - The news videos and articles are always changing and current. 
  9. The Bible in Spanish - For those who teach at a private school like me, this is a great Choice Homework option. 
  10. Tú en línea  - Teen magazine with celebrities, gossip, fashion and beauty. 

Where to buy books for a WL classroom library

  1. El Internado - This is hands down the best engaging authentic listening for Spanish class.
  2. The Book of Life - A new animated film about the Day of the Dead.
  3. Canela - A cute story of a girl & her grandma in Mexico, perfect for a unit on food. 
  4. Which Way Home - A documentary about children traveling to the US on cargo trains. See how I used it here as a part of immigration unit. 
  5. Sugar  - A story of a Dominican baseball player who tries to make it big in the US, that goes great with a baseball unit.
  6. Pan's Labyrinth - A dark look at the Spanish Civil War for upper levels. 
  7. The Motorcycle Diaries - A film for upper levels with strong language that tells the story of Che Guevara's journey around South America. 
  8. Casi Casi - A school appropriate movie that works well with a study of school or relationships. 
  9. Under the Same Moon - Another great film for an immigration unit. 
  10. Selena - A fun movie about Chicano culture. 

Videos & Youtube Channels

  1. Sr. Jordan - great videos for students to watch out of class to explicitly teach & practice grammatical concepts
  2. Video Ele - tons of videos from Spain sorted by topic
  3. Baile viernes - because it is not Friday unless you dance
  4. Había una vez... Youtube channel full of classic stories read in Spanish
  5. Disney ¡Ajá! - Disney video clips in Spanish
  6. Videos - Spanish Class - a collection of my favorite videos for class
  7. No lo tengo - a ridiculous song that for some reason my students adore even two years later
  8. CGI Student Academy Award Gold Medal Winner Short Film HD: "Dia De Los Muertos"  - perfect video to Movie talk Day of the Dead
  9. Waka Waka (Esto es Africa) - The favorite song in Spanish of almost every class is the ultimate video for a sports or World Cup unit. 
  10. Trailers del Super Bowl en español - A great collection of current ads in Spanish

5 Human Resources that Make Me a Better Teacher

  1. Students - It would be pretty boring to teach in an empty room, and my students' feedback helps to make me a better teacher.
  2. Face to Face Colleagues - Even as a #deptof1 in regards to world languages, these seasoned teachers at lunch can teach you SO much about classroom management by knowing each student individually at school. 
  3. #langchat Online Colleagues - Thank you for allowing me to beg, borrow & steal all of your great ideas, as well as challenge me as a teacher. 
  4. Blog Readers - Thank you for every comment, share, suggestion, or critique. I have come so far in these first 100 posts, and I can not wait to see what is to come!
  5. Family & Friends - Having someone outside of the school bubble helps to keep things in perspective and allows a break away to recharge and come back ready to go for the students.
100 Resources for Spanish Class - Mis Clases Locas


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