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Dear Spanish Teacher, Take time for YOU this summer!

Inside: Ways for Spanish teachers to take time for themselves this summer. Ways to relax, recharge and be ready for fall. 

Dear Spanish Teacher, Take time for YOU this summer! - shared by Mis Clases Locas

Dear Spanish teachers, 

Let’s normalize teachers actually taking a summer vacation. Let’s normalize taking school emails off our phones & closing our laptops for extended periods of time. 
Do we have any idea what this fall will look like? Nope. 
Will stressing and making lesson plans for every single possible situation make you ready for fall? Maybe. 
Will taking a real break and resting make you a better teacher this fall? Absolutely.

For those of you still teaching, you are doing great and remember distance learning does not define you as a teacher.

For those of you on vacation or soon to be on summer break, I have a challenge for you. Take time for YOU!
  • Maybe this means you take a month after ending school to have a break from school stuff. 
  • This might mean you delegate one day per week for school related stuff & rest the other 6 days. 
  • Or possibly, you time is fun online professional development. (FYI this will not be me. Sorry all the great PD, but staring at a virtual presentation sounds terrible right now and I will not be participating). 

I know that is has been a crazy and stressful couple of months, so today I just wanted to give you a few ideas of how make time for YOU this summer. 

Remember, I have two small kids and I understand that this summer will be much different than the one we had hoped for and planned. It is OK to mourn the loss of the summer that we dreamed of in January. I know that these are minor and nothing compares to the loss on a dear human, but these feelings are valid and I am mourning the loss of my first student trip to Costa Rica, a family vacation, a getaway with my husband, a cancelled family reunion, no library story time and a possibly closed pool.

So, here are 3 ways to take time for YOU this summer:

1. Binge-Watch Netflix in Spanish 
These are NOT shows for students, but for YOU, for FUN. (Plus the addd bonus of some authentic language PD). Finally sit down and watch the shows you have been hearing about. I just updated this post with my top 5 binge-worthy shows for Spanish teachers. 

2. Read for fun
Reading has become my getaway from it all. A good book outside might be the only vacay I get this summer, so I will do it as much as I can! If you want to see reviews of recent books I have read for fun, follow along with @misclaseslocasreads. My recent 5 star reads with Latinx leads that I think many of you would enjoy are: Clap When you Land & Juliet Takes a Breath. (aff links)

3. Have Ready to Go Plans for Fall
I know some people can't and won't think about a fall that most likely will look differently this year. Personally, having ready to go possible plans for any situation makes me feel light and free. If you want to just Enjoy your summer, knowing what will happen will happen, and that you will be ready for it all in novice classes, I have you covered. 
>> The distance learning high frequency unit
>> High Frequency Verbs - present Blended Bundle - Distance Learning + In Person

Learn more about all of the options in this new blog post of how to start the year in Spanish 1, with differentiated online and blended options. 


It is time for a little celebration! 6 years ago (plus a week) I was brave and started a little blog I randomly called Mis Clases Locas. (There was no Instagram or Facebook page, just the Twitter that through #langchat inspired me in the first place). It was close to the end of my 2nd year teaching & I had a new 4 month old. 

As I stated in that first post “I was very hesitant to start my own blog, as I did not feel that I had anything as wonderful to contribute. But, I realized how much I had learned from my mistakes, and hope that someone can learn from them as well. So welcome, and I hope that I can give back a tiny bit to the community that has helped me so much.” After 6 years, I can say with confidence that I think I have given back more than a tiny bit. That blog has over 500 posts, filled with resources to save you time. As you look back through my transitions through teaching styles, schools, and developing my own curriculum, I think I have stayed true to my original blog description, learning and growing everyday.

So, as the school year wraps up and you consider sharing, proposing to present at a conference, or just putting yourself and your ideas out there. Do it! I have learned so much from reflecting on my imperfect practices & allowing others to refine with me. We all need imperfect and real examples of teachers who are actually in the trenches doing the work.

In the spirit of reflection, I would love to know your thoughts. Do any of you still read blogs? Or do you just follow people on social media &/or read email newsletters? What kinds of posts or resources that I have created have been the most helpful? What would you be interested to read about this summer or in the future? Feel free to send me an email with longer responses if you would prefer.

Dear Spanish Teacher, Take time for YOU this summer! - shared by Mis Clases Locas

For those of you who are OG readers, thank you for learning and growing with me! 

Take time for YOU this summer!!


  1. Hi Allison,
    Congratulations on your 6th anniversary of blogging! In my first year of teaching (3 years ago), I poured over your blog posts again and again, and purchased many of your products on Tpt, such as the para empezar and musica/ baile sets, high frequency verbs units and locura de marzo. Your blogs and resources were an incredible support, and I enjoyed your "confessions" posts as well. I also have small children and started teaching when my 3rd child was 3 months old, so it was reassuring to know I was not alone in my struggles. Thanks again for all the good you have been putting out into the world! Erika

  2. I still read blogs! I am a department of one so reading blogs helps me to feel not so alone in my situation and I get great ideas and inspiration.


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