Spanish Resources for Distance Learning, Hybrid, and In Person from Mis Clases Locas - Mis Clases Locas

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Spanish Resources for Distance Learning, Hybrid, and In Person from Mis Clases Locas

Inside: Resources for Spanish class digital distance learning, hybrid instruction, and socially distanced face-to-face Spanish class from Mis Clases Locas.

Spanish Resources for Distance Learning, Hybrid, and In Person from Mis Clases Locas

How are you doing friends? I know this is a tough, tough school year for everyone and I hope you are finding time for things that bring you JOY.

All of the memes right now about trying to juggle work with increased burnout and the end of the year far off are spot on. Buying ready-made, teacher-tested resources to save my sanity and time is more important to me right now than ever. I am so glad that this is my 7th year using Google Classroom, and that pretty much everything I have created in the last few years is Google-based, so transitioning to everything posted online this year has been a little easier with those resources. (You can read more about my year doing mostly Hybrid in this blog post )

If you are in need of more digital resources, you are in luck, as it is time for the Suprise Spring TPT sale! These rare site-wide sales mean that my entire store will be 25% off if you use the code FORYOU21 on Tuesday, April 6th, and Wednesday, April 7th. 

Some of my favorite digital resources to save you time ending out the year are below.

I have many resources that are created in Google docs and Slides and can be uploaded and assigned on Google Classroom. I will go into more detail into some categories below. 

My newest 2021 Para Empezar has Google Slides class starters or brain breaks for every day of the year. Start it this year & use it all next school year as well! Or if you just want parts, you can get the individual slides as well.

Activity options to start each Monday of class with options of things people could actually do this year. 

A weekly routine, or use one each day as an SEL check-in in Spanish.

Keep the positive traditions and the love of music alive!

Start each class with a novice level joke in Spanish or assign the whole Google slideshow as authentic reading options. 

A fun, weekly movement activity in Google Slides.

Digital High-Frequency Units
The number one unit resource that teachers have told me has saved them hours of planning this school year are these newer Digital High-Frequency Verb Units. They work great for Roomies, Zoomies & everyone in between with ready-to-do Google Slides. If you have been thinking about them, now is the time to get the Growing Bundle. 

If you have the above units but need a Spring review, I have some BRAND NEW resources for you!

**For more high-frequency activities, check out the specific units

This unit is perfect for upper levels to give students more ownership in the Spring. It could fill a full month or more of remote/hybrid or in-person learning in Spanish 3 or 4. If needed, instead of chatting in person they could have ongoing Flipgrid conversations or meet once in a while with Google hangouts or zoom to chat with the teacher listening. If you can not get paper novels to students, you could use one of the many sources of online readers now. 

Movie Guide Bundle - for end-of-the-year sanity!

Newest Movie Guide - El camino de Xico (on Nextlix)
Provide options of movies with digital guides for students. This is a great option for a sub or a week-long plan when you just can't. 

I know all breaks are different, so if you are interested I have new this school year Pre Spring Break Slides &/or Post Spring Break Slides for in-person, hybrid, or distance. 

New to hybrid? Check out this blog post on my top tips from months of Hybrid teaching. 

Going the distance? You can find all of my posts related to distance learning here, including what I did in my online zoom classes

Connect on social media if you need more support or just want to see me keep it real :) 

For extra deals this Tuesday & Wednesday, search #teachmorespanish for special $2 deals!
I have the following included, plus there are lots more!

Do not miss out on the Spring TPT sale! Use the code FORYOU21 on Tuesday, April 6th, and Wednesday, April 7th. 

originally posted 4.5.20 - updated 4.5.21


  1. Unfortunately my district has banned tpt. They even blocked it on our school computers and told us we cannot use anything from tpt. So, if they call you, I bought directly from you, another Iowa small business. ��

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