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Resources for Distance Learning for Spanish class #COVID19WL

Inside: Resources for distance learning using technology, resources for distance learning without technology, long term sub plans, and resources for your own children during school closures. #COVID19WL

Resources for Distance Learning for Spanish class- #COVID19WL - shared by Mis Clases Locas
Update: You can find all of my posts related to distance learning here!

The last week or so has been crazy for all of us. I was in denial for a while and Iowa did not make any kind of statement until 8pm Sunday night (March 15th). At that point my school closed for four weeks. This means I will be home full time with my two boys, ages 6 & 3. In Iowa distance learning does not count for make up days, so at this point we can offer some learning opportunities, but are not required to do anything specific. Also, our rural district does not have equitable resources or Internet, (which are all reasons why I do not give homework). My heart hurts for those of you who now have to full time parent, while full time teaching at home. That is just not right, and if it was me, I would fight it. 

I have had this post in my drafts for a bit, but have not had a chance to finish it. I was waiting to see what was going to be required of me. I just posted on Google Classroom with ideas of things for students to do to keep up their Spanish. I included pretty much everything in my CI Websites post: Sr. Wooly, Garbanzo, Duolingo, our Music Bracket Playlist, ideas of Netflix shows (Go! is #1), AAPPL Flipgrid, plus just chatting with each other in Spanish. 

There are many great resources being shared right now, so like with anything, just pick a couple that work for you and will save you time! Do NOT over stress yourself being super teacher. Take time for you to work out, eat well, read, be with family, get outside, and get caught up on your shows (hello newer seasons of all the Netflix shows in Spanish I am behind on: Siempre Bruja, Las Chicas de Cable, Elite & La Casa de Papel). Here are a few resources to save you time.

Individual Resources

My recommendations of individual activities or mini units. 

Many, many individual resources to supplement your instruction both online or in paper. 

Provide options of movies with digital guides for students. 

Free articles to discuss COVID-19 in Spanish 

Mi amiga Emily Huff put together this collaborative board for intermediate students to practice interpersonal speaking for the AAPPL test. 

I have many resources that are created in Google docs and Slides and can be uploaded and assigned on Google Classroom. Google stations or Lit Circle or Individual Novel unit would be some of my top picks if I had to assign online work. 

Multiple Day Plans (Online)

A free 3 week trial for a variety of high quality readers with included activities for online learning.

Get 2 weeks of access to Sr. Wooly Pro with many songs, plus nuggets and supplementary activities for E-learning. (Great listening practice)

Great reading practice for students who have access to computers and the Internet for a month.

10 days of Elementary Plans

Cute animated videos to go with Craig's fun books for elementary on up. (Free for a limited time)

4 whole novels in PDF form for student use during the closures. 

A very generous full novel, plus full week of plans to go with it including deluxe audiobook on Youtube, Google Doc Quizzes & so much more! (Or you can thank his generosity here)

A short story and novel related to COVID19. 

Mexico #authres - Laura Sexton - updated!
30 Worksheets to print or assign digitally concerning authentic pictures from Mexico. 

Multiple Day Plans (Printable)
Giant packets of both Novice & Intermediate Lessons pulled from the high quality Fluency Matters Teacher's Guides. 

A choice board of activity options using stories. 

10 pages of printable activities for elementary Spanish. (or maybe for your own children at home)

"GOOD NEWS" Newspaper Lucienne Nagel published a FREE mini-newspaper featuring news stories in Spanish about happy things. Each story is fewer than 100 words.

Ideas for your OWN CHILDREN at Home

Elisabeth put together this great list of ways to get your own children practicing Spanish at home. Plus also has this cheat sheet for Spanish at home. 

Some days with kids are great and we learn things. Other days we bake brownies, have too much screen time and just enjoy being together. It is all about just loving and supporting each other. Read and play together each day, and if that is al that happens, it is still a good day.

More Resources

I hope you are all staying healthy & safe. Please let me know if there are any blog posts or resources that you wish I had during this hard time. Connect on social media if you need more support or just want to see me keep it real :) 

Resources for Distance Learning for Spanish class- #COVID19WL - shared by Mis Clases Locas

Still learning and growing every day, 


  1. Hey Allison! Thank you so much for these resources! Have you y any chance come across any of the sites you get your novels from offering online versions? I've googled, but haven't had much luck. Trying to see if I can offer books for students to read at home! ¡Gracias!


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