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New Resources to save you time from Mis Clases Locas

Inside: New Resources to save you time from Mis Clases Locas. From Afro-latinx music, Social Emotional Check-In Memes, Valentine's day, March Music Madness, to routines to save your sanity!

As a teacher mom my time so precious and I would rather buy a ready made, teacher trusted activity or unit, as opposed to spending hours of my own time outside of school to make it myself. This year especially, for me self care is all about buying great resources for others, because my four separate preps are not going to plan themselves! 

And we are in luck, since it is time for the Winter TPT sale! These rare site wide sales mean that my entire store will be 25% off if you use the code FEBSALE21 on Tuesday, February 9th and Wednesday, February 10th. 

To try and save you time, I have created some new resources since the last sale that I think you will love. Here they are:

Brand New Meme Check-Ins
A weekly routine, or use one each day as a SEL check in in Spanish

A fun, weekly music routine in Google Slides.
**Part of #teachmorespanish $1 deals with the sale on Tuesday & Wednesday. Search #teachmorespanish for more deals too!

A fun, weekly movement activity in Google Slides.
**Part of #teachmorespanish $1 deals with the sale on Tuesday & Wednesday. Search #teachmorespanish for more deals too!

Celebrate diverse music all year, but especially highlight it in February with Afro-latino del día - NEW Song of the day 3 
There is also a Bundle option as well for the best deal!

NEW Afro-latinx BUNDLE (the best deal)

March Music Madness 2021 & Bundle & BRAND NEW 2021 for younger Spanish!
This is the perfect time to get your Mania musical resources, as I know I will be starting our bracket in mid February this year due to our schedule. I have my brand new 2021 mania musical, which includes my bracket of 16 current songs from the past year, including a slideshow, Google Forms to vote, and bulletin board. Or if you want to plan ahead and have more options, this Growing Music Bracket Bundle has resources for 7 separate brackets, as well as gets a new bracket each spring when I add a new one at no extra charge. Plus I added a free voting form as well. 

By request, I just created a brand new 2021 bracket for upper elementary, middle or conservative high school Spanish. It has options of full 16 songs or a 1/2 8 song bracket for classes that do not meet as often. It has all of the same things included as previous brackets with songs from a variety of years. It is not included in the growing bracket, since I figured there would be two different audience of teachers who would be interested. Get it here!

Valentine's Day

Also, I do have some older, no prep resources for Valentine's Day you might be interested in for this week. 

Valentine's Day - Find Someone Who

This activity was designed as a communicative way for students to practice high frequency words in present tense. It focuses on those commonly used verbs to talk about Valentine's Day. It has multiple versions to differentiate your classes. You can get it as a part of this bundle as well. 

Valentine's Day - Para Empezar

Lista lunes: Valentine's Day in Spanish class

Novice 1 day plan for Valentine's Day

If you only have a short amount of time to talk about the holiday, this quick authentic interpretive task would be great for novice Spanish students. I added a new slideshow, so if you bought this in the past, download it again to get the update for free! You can get it as a part of this bundle as well. 

Lista lunes: Valentine's Day in Spanish class

Digital High Frequency Units
The number one unit resource that teachers have told me has saved them hours of planning this school year are these newer Digital High Frequency Verb Units. They work great for Roomies, Zoomies & everyone in between with ready to do Google Slides. If you have been thinking about them, now is the time to get the Growing Bundle. 
If you used the very popular Super 7 distance learning unit this fall, now is the perfect time to expand in the second present tense unit, focusing on the rest of the Sweet 16. 

Other resources for Spring 
These are just the newest resources, but there are many others as well! There are resources for holiday activities including Las Fallas coming up in March. There are also many other Find Someone Who activities, including one for the day Before Spring Break & After Spring Break

Para Empezar activities that can be used to start class or as brain breaks are always a hit. Novel resources complement the great teachers guides or this Literature Circle Unit which is a perfect upper level Spring unit to give students more ownership. 

Happy shopping in the Winter TPT sale!  Use the code FEBSALE21 on Tuesday, February 9th and Wednesday, February 10th to save 25% on everything!

originally posted 2.3.20 - updated 2.5.21

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