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Libro lunes: Me llamo Víctor (parte 1)

Inside: Me llamo Víctor (parte 1), a new graphic novel from Sr. Wooly that you need for your classroom library. 

Libro lunes: Me llamo Victor (parte 1) - review from Mis Clases Locas

Today I have a new edition of libro lunes for you. This is where I share about a new to me book that I have read and plan to add to my FVR Spanish class library. You can read my past libro lunes posts here. In all transparency, he sent me an advance copy to review, but this is my not paid, honest reflection of what I think about Me llamo Victor (parte1), which you can purchase here. You can also see what other teachers think with reviews from SpanishPlans & John Sifert

As you can see in my curriculum post, I use Sr. Wooly Pro song materials throughout the year as mini breaks between novel units. You can also see how I use Sr. Wooly songs in this post. While I have Billy y las botas graphic novel & La casa de la dentista in my classroom library, I have never taught a graphic novel as a class. (yet) If I convince my school to get me a class set, I will make sure to take advantage of this great how to teach a graphic novel video series. I would also make sure to get class set of 30, to get the teachers guide for Free!

The Sr. Wooly graphic novels I have in my free reading library are ALWAYS picked during free reading to start class Tuesday and Thursdays. Students love the artwork, tie in to the songs, and the fun of reading something different. 

Would I use Me llamo Víctor (parte 1) graphic novel?

Yes. The story is compelling, the illustrations are gorgeous, and it is different than any other comprehensible reading material for Spanish students I have seen. The song Feo is my favorite Sr. Wooly song, so I have been waiting for this graphic novel. There are a lot of juicy back details that have been revealed, but I will not give you any spoilers. Plus, this is only part 1, which means there will be even more to come with part 2 in the future. 

The story is complex, with many layers and it reminds me of a movie that you have to pay close attention to, or you will be completely lost. As a teacher, I would need to understand it forwards and backwards, or I do not think I would be able to do it justice, or even answer questions from students as we read. Another great addition is how the glossary is sorted by page, which is very convenient, especially for free reading. 

It is also pretty cool that this graphic novel is a true international effort: written by Jim in the US, illustrated by Juan Carlos Pinilla in Colombia, colored by Davi Comodo in Spain, and letered by Lucas Gattoni in Argentina. 

Who would I use this graphic novel with?

Since I teach grades 9-12, it is a great addition to my class library. I personally would not use it if I taught elementary, as it just would not be as appropriate with younger kids and the themes and jokes would go over their heads. I think middle school on up would enjoy it. 

When would I teach it?

If I was using it as a full class novel, I would wait to use it until Spanish 2 or above. There is a good amount of vocabulary that would need to be pre-taught for a successful reading experience. I always shy on the side of using easier books to build reading confidence, which can then be discussed at a high level. Plus this particular story is complicated and was even kind of hard for me to follow on my first read. While if you only teach level 1 and really want to use it, it would be possible, it is not when I would use it. 

The Victor trilogy of songs would of course be a prerequisite to reading the book.  

How would I teach it?

Since I currently do not have the funds for a class set, for now I will just have it as a part of my classroom library. If I could get a few copies, it would also be a great option for a literature circle in upper levels. I can think of a few reluctant readers who would think graphic novels are an awesome alternative to reading a traditional novel in lit circle format. 

In a perfect world I would get class set of 30, which would come with the teachers guide. I love teachers guides because they do the work for you! I would also need to check out the how to teach a graphic novel video series to give myself some pointers on how to get the most out of a graphic novel. Hopefully I will get to do this within the next couple of years, because I think this is something my students would really enjoy. 

Have you read Me llamo Víctor?? What are your thoughts? How would you teach with it?

Libro lunes: Me llamo Victor (parte 1) - review from Mis Clases Locas

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