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Pachamama in Spanish class

Inside: Resources for Spanish class for the Netflix movie Pachamama. Teach a cultural unit centered around Pachamama in Spanish class. 

Pachamama in Spanish class - resources to teach the film from Mis Clases Locas

If you are a Spanish teacher in Facebook groups, or a mom who uses the Kids account on Netflix, you have probably heard about the new film Pachamama. This cute animated movie is everything Spanish teachers want: culture rich and appropriate! It takes place in an ancient village in the Andes and centers around Pachamama or Mother Earth, as well as the journey of a ten year old boy. You can see more in the trailer below. 

The film is rated PG and is a short 72 minutes long. (This means it would be a great sub plan with this guide!) You can find more about level of appropriateness here, but I personally think it would work with 4th grade on up Spanish class, or even an Exploratory class. 

If you want to make a whole film unit, there are so many cultural themes for exploration including the following:
  • The diverse indigenous people of South America
  • The Incas
  • Conquistadores & oro
  • Pachamama & the environment
  • Animals of the region - condor, llama, quirquincho, puma
  • Food of the region- quinoa, potatoes, corn
  • Legends of the Andes
  • This song > Juan Antin - Somos la Nueva Tierra 

Resources to save you time
Pachamama Movie Guide - Includes options for English comprehension or Spanish comprehension, character description and post viewing activities. The directions are in English, so it would be a great sub plan.

+NEW Character Introduction Slideshow - to introduce novice students to the characters before watching. 

Inca resources here & here both from CCC Spanish Store

The Inca Unit - here from Sra. Dentlinger

Pachamama Reading - here

Please let me know if there are more resources I should add!

Pachamama in Spanish class - resources to teach the film from Mis Clases Locas


  1. Allison, this looks fantastic! I look forward to exploring.... What do you think: Would this be too childish for a sophomore Spanish III class?


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