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Comprehensible Input Activities - with distance learning updates - SSS

Inside: An updated post on Secondary Spanish Space, all about activities using Comprehensible Input strategies. 

Comprehensible Input Activities - with distance learning alternative - shared by Mis Clases Locas on Secondary Spanish Space

Based on the situation we are all in, I just updated 5 Comprehensible Input Activities for Spanish class to add distance learning alternatives on Secondary Spanish Space. Check it out and let me know what you think!

You can find all of my posts related to distance learning here, including:

Here are a few other past posts from Spring that might apply to you right now as well depending on what you are teaching. 

Last class resources

  • Use it to talk about the upcoming weekend, or you could even easily edit to talk about the summer for a last digital class activity! (All options included in this resource are likely for the current situation and do not include far off things like travel and concerts). 
Este verano - find someone who - my go to last day of class activity (Includes typical summer activities, which may or may not happen this year)
  • Some ideas to make is distance friendly:
    • Click Print and then save as PDF with the pages you want to use digitally and share with students.
    • Email to students and have them call, snap, email, message each other in Spanish to ask the questions if you do not met as a group. This will encourage them to connect with each other in Spanish. Or they could ask people they live with as well. 
    • In a zoom class, use the break out rooms to have students ask each other the questions in small groups. 
    • In a group class zoom or meet, project the grid & call on students or have them raise their hand to respond to one question. 

Check out 5 Comprehensible Input Activities for Spanish class with a distance learning twist & best of luck on the rest of the school year!

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