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New Resources to save you time from Mis Clases Locas

Inside: New Resources to save you time from Mis Clases Locas. From March Music Madness, to Las Fallas, to new Future tense units, to routines to save your sanity and even a couple freebies!

As a teacher mom my time so precious and I would rather buy a ready made, teacher trusted activity or unit, than spend hours of my own time outside of school to make it myself. For me self care is all about buying great resources for others, because my four separate preps are not going to plan themselves! 

And we are in luck since it is time for the Winter TPT sale. These rare site wide sales mean that my entire store will by 25% off if you use the code TICKTOCK on Tuesday, February 26th and Wednesday, February 27th. 

To try and save you time, I have created some new resources since the last sale that I think you will love. Here they are:

This unit is modeled after the style of my many other popular units focusing on high frequency verbs. It includes personalized questions for special person interviews, a song for each verb, a mini story, quiz, student help sheet and guided notes, as well as possible extension writing prompts. There is also a Future Tense Find Someone Who which is a great complement to the unit, or a stand alone activity to practice the future. You can get both the unit and the FSW in this bundle to save even more. 

March Music Madness 2019 & Bundle
This is the perfect time to get your Mania musical resources, as I know I will be starting our bracket this Friday, March 1st. I have my brand new 2019 mania musical, which includes my bracket of 16 current songs from the past year, including a slideshow and bulletin board. Or if you want to plan ahead and have more options, this Growing Music Bracket Bundle has resources for five separate brackets, as well as gets a new bracket each spring when I add a new one at no extra charge. Plus I just added a free voting form as well. 

Year of Para Empezar 3
This new resource includes the Year of Para Empezar products listed below with over 170 total slides.  This bundle has 4 seperate slideshows. This was designed to fill a year if you pause to do the following: Hispanic Heritage Month (Sep15-Oct15) (can do a bracket if you would like with the one song from each country), Afro-latino (Feb) Mania musical (March music bracket).

22 weeks of time saving bell ringers in one big editable Google Slideshow if you already have the following to fill out your year: Hispanic Heritage MonthAfro-latino Mania musical.
It includes the following in one giant editable Google slideshow with embedded videos. 
Monday - Weekend Talk
Tuesday - Geography of the Spanish speaking world
Wednesday - Music
Thursday - Jokes
Friday - Dance

(read this blog post to learn more)
Units to use these verbs 

Bundle options
NEW High Frequency Words Mega Bundle (all 5 past, present and future bundles)

**For more high frequency activities, check out the specific units

These are just the newest resources, but there are many others as well! There are resources for holiday activities including Las Fallas coming up in March. There are also many other Find Someone Who activities, including one for the day After Spring BreakPara Empezar activities that can be used to start class or as brain breaks are always a hit. Novel resources complement the great teachers guides or this Literature Circle Unit which is a perfect upper level Spring unit to give students more ownership. 

My own wish list has items from Spanish MamaCCC Spanish StoreSomewhere to ShareSr. JordanPlacido Language Resources & Martina Bex. What about you? What will you buy? Please share!

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