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First Week of French Class

Inside: Resources for the first week of French class. 

First Week of French Class - What to do to start the year right

If you follow me on social media, you may have seen that I have dipped my toes into a few resources for French class. I have novice low French, but have worked with many awesome French teachers who just want to get more resources out there for French class. They have done an excellent job translating and editing to make sure that these resources are just as accurate as the ones in Spanish. 

I know that figuring out what to do the first week of class can be a challenge, so I am here to help you out with some resources for French class. 

Super 7 Unit

If I was teaching novice French students in French 1, middle school exploratory or another beginner class, I would start the year with high frequency words. Even if I was teaching the next level of French, I would still start with a Super 7 unit to reinforce the basics and make sure everyone is on the same page. In a beginning French class, the unit would take about 2 weeks, but it could be done much quicker in a French 2 or higher class as a review

First Week of French Class - what to do

1st Day Find Someone Who

A Super 7 based Find Someone Who (present tense) or My Summer - Find Someone Who (past tense) in French would be the perfect 1st day activity for French 2 and above. It would help students get to know each other, while staying in French. They could walk around asking many people different questions, or work with a partner or small group to interview them. There is even an extension to then write about what you learned about your friends. It is an easy and no prep way to start your year on the right foot. 

Super 7 Find Someone Who (present tense) 

First Week of French Class

1st Week of French Class

Proficiency Puzzle

If your classes are moving to understanding proficiency levels, the proficiency puzzle is the perfect way to get everyone on the same page regarding terms like "novice low" and "interpersonal" speaking. It is a great activity as a part of 1st week stations and sets the tone for the year that the focus will be on growing language proficiency. Students could work individually or in small groups to complete it, and then check and discuss as a class. If you want to use them from class to class or year to year, you could laminate in advance to make them last. 

First Week of French Class

La danse de vendredi

If you want to start a fun Friday tradition to build a positive classroom community, try out la danse de vendredi. Use a Just dance or other video in French as students enter the room, to start class or as a brain break to mix up class. You can see 5 ways to use dance in any class here. Start the first Friday of the year to start the year on a great foot!

1st Week of French Class

Resources for any World Language Teacher

Other resources for your French class during the year
First Week of French Class - resources to start the year

Finally, here are all of my current resources for French class on my TPT (Which are all on SALE August 1st & 2nd!) & French Class Resources on Pinterest. Follow both my store and this board for all of the newest resources. 


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