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Teacher Appreciation - No prep resources for Spanish class at a steal!

Inside: Teacher Appreciation Week in Spanish class- No prep resources for Spanish class at a steal!

To celebrate teacher appreciation week, I am joining the site wide Teachers Pay Teachers Sale on Tuesday and Wednesday. Use the code THANKYOU20 for additional savings at checkout on every store, including Mis Clases Locas!

If you are like me at this point in this crazy year you are in survival mode. Do yourself a favor and buy yourself sanity and some time. It is also a great opportunity to get resources on sale to be able to plan during the summer. (This is typically the last site wide sale until August).

Here are my recommended resources

Money Saving Bundles - Plan for next year!

This includes all of my popular Super 7 & Sweet 16 Units, plus the accompanying Find Someone Who activities. It includes 5 separate units for present, imperfect, preterite & future tenses. The future unit is the newest addition. Check out this post to see how I use these units to focus on high frequency verbs.  

By request, here is another full year of bell ringers of brain breaks. This year 22 weeks are put together by day, plus 3 mini units to fill out a year including: Hispanic Heritage MonthAfro-latino for February & Mania musical de marzo

NEW Movie Guide Bundle - for end of the year sanity!


Resources Updated For Google Drive
If you already own any of these, go to my purchases to download the new Google Slides add on for free! They are now perfect to assign in Google Classroom, each with Google Slides to assign to students. 

I have a few cultural stations that were created specifically for Google Classroom. 
Capibara/Ecuador - Spanish 1/ Exploratory MS
Costa Rica/Environment  - Spanish 2-4 (could adapt to differentiate)
El Salvador/ MS13 - Spanish 3-4

A digital plan for the rest of the year for Spanish 3/4 including assessments. 

Other End of the Year Ideas

If you are in need of some final exams check out my Assessments

If you need something to spice up the end of the year, try a Music Bracket!

Update: You can find all of my posts related to distance learning here, including Mis Clases Locas Digital Resources & what I do in my online zoom classes

Plus make sure to search #teachmorespanish for extra special distance learning deals just from Spanish teachers.

What about you? What will you buy? Please share!

Originally posted on 5.7.18 - updated 5.5.19 & 5.4.20


  1. I am starting a new job next year where I will only be doing middle school. I want to do a great job, and I think your bundle #2 would be great. Does it make sense to buy bundle 2 or should I start with bundle 1? Are the days of the week the same categories as in bundle 2?

    1. They are not sequential, so you can do whichever would fit your school better. Bundle one has more theme related resources by time of the year (Hispanic Heritage Month, día de Muertos, Navidad, etc).
      Bundle two is consistent with the theme days all year.
      Let me know if you have more questions and congrats on the job!


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