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Lista lunes: Cinco de mayo in Spanish class

Inside: Cinco de mayo ideas for Spanish class that celebrate the culture of Mexico. 

Lista lunes: Cinco de mayo in Spanish class - many ideas to celebrate the culture of Mexico

Cinco de mayo has become a pretty controversial topic in the Spanish teaching world. I would hope that as Spanish teachers we all know what it is REALLY about and help share that with our students. 

In all honestly when I was in high school it meant food and I really did not know what it was all about. When I was student teaching it meant my end of teaching fiesta complete with quesadilla maker and some fluff activities in English about the "holiday."

Now that I know better, my goal to to do better. The turning point for me was discovering Martina Bex's 5 de mayo readings and cultural activities my third year of teaching. That was the year I was trying out CI using my first novel and story units. By that Spring I knew that I could and should teach about the holiday in comprehensible Spanish. Instead of a meaningless fiesta, we spent about a week digging deeper into what it was all about. I used variations of those plans in all levels. I also make a point to hype up Mexican Independence Day in September with Hispanic Heritage Month, so as a point of reference my students KNOW that 5 de mayo is NOT Mexico's Independence Day. 

Are you looking for something to do this week to celebrate the culture of Mexico? Here are some ideas. 

This would be the perfect time to show the beautiful movie Coco that celebrates everything Mexico. I have a guide here that is in both Spanish and English, so you can use variations in every class you teach. If you want to turn it into a full film unit, check out many resources here

El Libro de Vida
Another movie to teach about Mexico that is a little more lighthearted is The Book of Life. I have a basic guide for novice Spanish. Kara Jacobs has great materials for upper level students.

Mexico Reading
This novice level Mexico reading and activities would be a short way to introduce a little about Mexico to novice level students. I created it to go with the novel Tumba, and have many posts for the novel here if you have a little bit more time to dig into Mexico. 

Another great film set in Mexico is Canela. I hear the movie is available on Pantaya. There are resources for the movie here. It is an appropriate movie that ties in many common Spanish 1 themes such as family, food, and the house, while centering around the culture of Mexico and mole. 

For more ideas about 5 de mayo and Mexico, follow my Mexico Pinterest Board. 

Even more ideas!

This year only my Spanish 1 will be doing Martina Bex's 5 de mayo readings to make sure they know it is NOT Independence day. I will do a little reminder in my upper levels, but it will just be El Internado Friday like normal. 

What about you? Do you ignore it, throw a big fiesta, or are you somewhere in the middle like me? Please share you ideas!

originally posted 4.29.18 - updated 4.22.19

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