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Coco in Spanish Class & Coco in French Class

Inside: Resources for teaching the movie Coco in Spanish class and French class

Coco in Spanish Class - shared by Mis Clases Locas

Update: Please send me an email with the heading Coco if you would like to purchase this resource. 

Spanish teachers have been talking about Coco since the first trailer was released years ago. Once it was in theaters the rave reviews started. Now that it is out on DVD and is Academy Award winning, it is everywhere. Teachers everywhere can not wait to use the beautiful stories, themes, images and music that is a part of this wonderful movie. I watched the movie Friday night for family movie night, and by Sunday I had a Movie Guide for Coco. When I first created it, I had novice Spanish in mind, but then later added questions in Spanish as well. (If you got it right away, make sure to get the most recent download). 

The guide I made is for actually watching the movie, with some additional character description, identification, and a post viewing discussion and character matching, which could be used as an assessment. I created it with the intention that I could use variations for every level I teach. As a #deptof1 I like to create differentiated activities that work for all levels. 

What audio, subtitles & guide should I use?

I bought the DVD from Target and it has options for both English and Spanish audio, as well as English and Spanish subtitles. (Be careful that many digital versions just have English). Here is how I see using the movie in my Spanish classesPlease do whatever works best for you and your students to meet them where they are at.

Upper Level Spanish - Spanish audio with Spanish subtitles. Spanish version of guide. 
(pre-teaching and pausing to discuss and check for comprehension)

Spanish 2 - Spanish audio. English version of guide to check for comprehension. 
(English subtitles if with a sub or very early in the year, Spanish subtitles if watching with me pre-teaching and pausing to discuss)

Spanish 1 - Spanish audio with English subtitles. English version of guide. 

Exploratory - English audio with English subtitles. English version of guide. 
(Using as a tool to discuss culture and the day of the Dead in Spanish). 

A whole Coco Unit
What we use for subtitles will also depend on if we are using the movie as a whole unit. Using the great materials below from others could easily create a full unit. You could do many of these activities before watching. 

Coco Trailer activities (Arianne Dowd)
Intro the movie with many activities focusing on the trailer and the cultural components. 

la cena de Dante (Aprendemos Juntos)
Movie Talk this animated short

Coco Family Tree (Arianne Dowd)
Work on describing family, while connecting to the movie. 

Read articles from El Mundo en tus manos about the film, as discuss the culture of Mexico found in the film, complete stations after the first chunk, and then play the unfair game after the first hour. 

This would be a great authentic resource to describe facts relating to the books, as well as characters. 

Upper Level Unit
If you are looking for a full unit for upper levels, then check out these resources from the awesome Kara Jacobs. Or this Intermediate guide from Arianne Dowd.

My movie Guide for Coco
Then we would finally enjoy the movie. 

**Update - I have now added a novice full day most movie extension of #authres interpretive reading, interpersonal speaking, and writing prompt. My plan is to do each activity for about 15 minutes as a post movie review. Once again, please send me an email with the heading Coco if you would like to purchase this resource. 

Coco in Spanish Class

More Day of the Dead resources
To expand this movie into a deeper exploration of Día de los Muertos, check out the resources below. 

Get in personalized questions about vocabulary related to the holiday. 
Class starters for 3 weeks around the holiday. 

Novice reading to introduce Mexico and the Day of the Dead

you could compare and contrast the two movies!

Tumba - Novel by Mira Canion
Next year instead of The Book of Life, we will do Coco as a part of our Tumba unit in Spanish 1. 

Finally here are all posts with the label Day of the Dead

Coco in Spanish Class

Post originally published 3.12.18 - Updated 9.30.18 & 10.8.19

What other great resources have you found for Coco? Please share in the comments so I can add them!

Coco in Spanish & French Class - shared by Mis Clases Locas


  1. Do you have a special version of the DVD that has Spanish audio that matches the Spanish subtitles? I know they are usually done by different companies which make it hard for us to show the film in class with both Spanish audio and Spanish subtitles...I have the same problem when I show Nemo to my classes. Just wondered if you had any ideas or solutions to this problem! I just wish they matched!!!

    1. I wish we could find a perfect match! I got mine at Target and it does not match all the time :/

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