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5 MORE Binge-worthy Netflix Shows for Spanish Teachers

Inside: Neflix shows in Spanish that Spanish teachers will want to binge watch. 

5 MORE Binge-worthy Netflix Shows for Spanish Teachers

How many of you feel that your own language skills could use some work since you spend your day using novice or intermediate level Spanish with language learners? How many of you are exhausted and just want to lay on your couch when you get home? I have the solution for you, binge watching Netflix in Spanish!

In a post on Secondary Spanish Space last year I shared my original 5 Binge-worthy Netflix Shows for Spanish Teachers (Juana Inés, Las Chicas de Cable, Ingobernable, Velvet & El Internado). Since then, here are 5 more series in Spanish that I have personally watched on Netflix.

*Please note that most of these shows would NOT be appropriate for students and are for your personal enjoyment only. As with anything, if you are thinking of using it in class, I would recommend watching it first to see if it would work with your students and school culture.

Here are binge-worthy Netflix shows for Spanish teachers, listed from least commitment to most.

Tiempos de guerra (Morocco: Love in the times of War)

1 season - 13 episodes (about 70 minutes each)

This show takes place in the 1920's in the Spanish city of Melilla, Morocco during the Rif War. A group of upper class women come to work as volunteer nurses with little experience. They find love, drama, and heartbreak. Alicia (Amaia Salamanca) from Gran Hotel as well as other Antena 3 regulars are a part of this Spanish drama. I watched the whole show in a about a week and even got my non Spanish speaking husband to watch using English subtitles. I am hoping for more seasons!

El minesterio del tiempo (The Ministry of Time)

3 seasons - 34 total episodes (about 70 minutes each)

This is my current Netflix obsession. Everyone in my Spanish teacher groups has been talking about wanting it to come to Netflix, so I was intrigued. It is an adventure, comedy, fantasy that follows a group of people who travel through time in Spain. It is perfect for Spanish teachers because we nerd out with references to historical figures that we only ever talked about in out Spanish literature and history classes. I feel like a boss explaining them to my husband. While he hates reading the subtitles, he secretly loves the show too. We are just on season 1, but I can not wait to watch more. I know a few teachers use the show, or just certain episodes with upper level classes, such as Bethanie Drew. It is well written and I can not wait to find out more about everyone's' past. 

El Barco 

3 seasons - 43 total episodes (about 70-90 minutes each)

El Barco takes place in present but is more of a dramatic adventure-mystery. A catastrophic accident makes the entire land mass of the world disappear. This boat is supposedly the only life left on Earth. For El Internado fans it has Julia and Rebecca, playing very similar roles. Each episode is like a mini movie. They are quite long and some extreme issue occurs in each one, that seems to magically be solved by the end of the episode, never to come up again. It has more fantasy with the ridiculous situations, but also romance with many love triangles. We watched a few episodes with my upper level Spanish homeroom, and a few girls went home and watched the whole series. It is a little out there for my personal taste, but still entertaining. 

Gran Hotel

3 seasons - 66 total episodes (about 45 minutes each)

I actually watched Gran Hotel the first time it was on Netflix about 4 years ago. Of those on this list it is by far my favorite. I am actually watching it for a second time. It is my go to if I want something on in the background while I am working alone. It star Ivan from El Internado, as well as many other actors from my favorite Spanish shows. It takes place at a high class hotel in Spain in 1905 and has crime, mystery and drama. If I did not show El Internado in my upper level classes, I would use this show. I even did a post 3 years ago with resources to teach Gran Hotel

La Casa de papel (Money Heist)

2 seasons - 24 total episodes (about 45 minutes each)

I have now watched this whole series two time through. It is a Nexflix original show from Spain and now one of their most popular foreign language shows to date. It takes place in present day Spain with a group of thieves who lock themselves in the Royal Mint of Spain while taking hostages and printing their own money. I hope that they continue to make more episodes, because the show is addicting. Once again, it is nowhere near school appropriate, but is a fin watch for teachers, with a lot more suspense and action than other shows on the list. 

If you are looking for even more, check out this huge list from Spanish Mama

What else would you add?

Originally posted 3.19.18 - Updated 10.7.18 exchanging El tiempo entre costuras for La Casa de papel


  1. Although not available on Netflix, I loved Sin Identidad and Bajo Sospecha. Both are excellent and are available on Antena 3. A subscription to their network is 4 euros a month (cheaper than Netflix). Bajo Sospecha stars Yon Gonzalez (Iván from El Internado) as a detective. There are two seasons. Sin Identidad stars Megan Montaner (also in La Embajada) and Eloy Azorin (Javier from Gran Hotel). It has three seasons and each episode will make you immediately want to watch the next. I highly recommend both of them.

  2. I enjoyed La casa de papel on Netflix (Season 1 is available now and season 2 is coming on April 6th). I believe that both seasons are available now on Antena 3. I am also addicted to Mar de plástico. It stars Rodolfo Sancho (from El ministerio del tiempo).

  3. Gran Hotel is my favorite! I am re-watching it now and I forgot how much I love it! I get so sucked in to the characters, they are great.

  4. Interesting! Although, I was looking for Andy Yeatman online it was good to know about these too. I am about to finish the ones available on Netflix and since he isn’t working with Netflix anymore it is hard to locate his work online. I loved the content and I really wish I find more.


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