lista lunes: marzo (mania musical, Las Fallas, spring break in Spanish class & more!) - Mis Clases Locas

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lista lunes: marzo (mania musical, Las Fallas, spring break in Spanish class & more!)

Inside: Ideas for March in Spanish class, including March Music Madness, a no prep activity for after Spring Break, resources to teach the Spanish festival, Las Fallas, and more ways to add culture to class this March.  

lista lunes: marzo (mania musical, Las Fallas, spring break in Spanish class & more!)

Can you believe it is already almost March!? With state testing, breaks and Prom on the horizon, this is when it starts to get crazy at the high school level. Here are some of my favorite ideas to inject fun, culture and community into marzo.

This is the perfect time to plan for your march Music Madness bracket. See this post for all of the information of how I implement it and previous brackets. This year I am using my brand new 2018 mania musica de mujeres, which includes my bracket for this year with all female singers or lead females in groups (to go with Women's History Month). Or if you want to plan ahead and have more options, this Growing Music Bracket Bundle has resources for four separate brackets, as well as gets a new bracket each spring when I add a new one. Below is our bulletin board where we will track who moves on. 

mania musical de mujeres - March Music Bracket for Spanish class

The last few years I have loved teaching about a fun festival that takes place in Spain March 15-19, Las Fallas. I created this unit while teaching an elective culture and civilization class, but have used it each year since in Spanish 1 or 2 as a fun way to fill a short week around Spring Break. Students are obsessed with fire and anything that involves it. Depending on how much time you have, it could be a few day unit, or just a one day cultural exploration. 

Las Fallas - Mini unit for Spanish class  - Mis Clases Locas

Spring Break in Spanish class - what to do the next day!?!

While I personally get robbed of a Spring Break and instead just have a long weekend for Easter, I am always looking for a ready to go activity for the day we get back. This year my post break Find Someone Who activities, have been a hit, so I made a new one for both Before Spring Break & 
After Spring Break. Just like the others I made enough versions that I can use this in all levels of Spanish, with different levels of differentiation. The picture below included the first person response, and the third person options in a word bank to write about their class. There are other versions with more and less support as well. 

I love that I can print this out before leaving, do nothing related to school over break, and show up and just talk about what we did when we get back. To get a more detailed idea of how I use this activity after a break, check out this post.

No prep speaking activity for the day after Spring Break in Spanish class

Other Ideas
While I am not sure how much more I can fit in March, here are a few more ideas.  

St. Patrick's Day
While not immediately culturally connected to the Spanish speaking world, in my mom's 100% Irish family, it is one of the most important days of the year. If you want to connect it to Spanish class, check out Bernardo O'Higgins: El Padre de la Patria Irlandés de Chile - By Kristy Placido. 

Semana Santa Resources
When I taught at a Catholic school, holy week was a perfect way to combine the culture of the Spanish speaking world, and religion. I collected resources to use in this post, for what will be the last week in March this year. 

What did I forget? What would you add?

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