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Exploratory Spanish - What to do with 1 Quarter

For the last three years I have had the chance to teach Exploratory Spanish to 7th and 8th grade. It is a great opportunity to reach ALL junior high students with Spanish, including those who think they have no desire to take Spanish in the future, and students with 504 plans and IEPs who are pulled out for many general education classes. It is my personal goal to hook every student by showing them Spanish is fun and to make them feel successful. My first year I posted 6 Week Plans for Exploratory Spanish, while we were on trimesters. While I still use some of what I did then, after having eight sections of absolute beginner Spanish, I have refined my exploratory plans even more. 

Exploratory Spanish - What I do with 1 Quarter

Exploratory follows my Para Empezar format, but to be honest the only days I am faithful with are música miércoles & baile viernes. Depending on the time of year they may vote in the Hispanic Heritage Month Bracket or March Madness Bracket too. We do daily brain break, since middle schoolers right after lunch need to MOVE. 

Depending on the school calendar, some of the little units were in a different order each time. I like to have a full week of school for Martina Bex Somos resources, while I find Sr. Wooly units work well on strange weeks with early outs or less days due to the flexibility. (I have Sr. Wooly Pro & you can see what I do with it here). 

Here is my ideal plan for a quarter of Exploratory Spanish. (50 minute class everyday for 9 weeks)

On day 1, students learn to introduce themselves, while I secretly learn all names the first day of class. 

(es, tiene, le gusta, hay, está, va a, quiere)

Each of the mini units below is about a week and can vary depending on the school calendar. 

SOMOS Unit 1 (dice, es)

SOMOS Unit 2 (camina, corre, ve)

Sr. Wooly - No lo tengo (school vocab)

Gusta & What do you like more? Game (le gusta, me gusta)
great for a shorter week

Sr. Wooly - Es una ganga (basic shopping)
great for a shorter week

SOMOS Unit 3 (abre la puerta, nunca cierra, son las...)

Sr. Wooly - Guapo (descriptions)

El libro de vida film - last 2 days of class (no final needed)

Above is basically what both of my 7th grade sections did this fall, each about 9 weeks long. 

My Spring group of 8th graders will be different, since they did all of the above last year. My tentative plan for the 8th graders is to basically complete what my Spanish 1 did first quarter this year. (Special Person Interviews with Super 7 Unit with Find Someone Who, SOMOS Unit 5 & El Capibara con botas with Ecuador reading & Stations). It will be the earliest I have ever tried a novel, but I think it will go well considering (some of) my Spanish 1 said it was too easy!

Do you teach exploratory Spanish? What do you do?

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