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The Game Changer Introducing FVR

I have done many posts in the past about my classroom library, including my Spanish library tour. I have also done quite a few posts on how to acquire a class library including how to write a grant. Even though I frequently mention that we do "free reading" to start class on Tuesday and Thursday, I figured I would break down exactly how we started to do free voluntary reading or FVR in level 1 Spanish class, and how one change made all the difference this year. 

The Game Changer Introducing FVR

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I have heard many differing opinions about when teachers start free reading in their world language class. Some wait until upper levels, while others start right away in Spanish 1. My general rule in the past has been to start free reading second semester of Spanish 1. This year we finished reading the all class novel El capibara con botas at the end of first quarter and students had been expressing interest in reading from my class library. Since they had built their confidence by already finishing a whole book in Spanish, I figured we would try out free reading. 

FVR Logistics

Before Reading

I pulled all of the most simple TPRS Spanish readers, all with glossaries included and put them all on my wire display rack. This includes: all books from Spanish Cuentos, level 1 books from Fluency Matters, all books from Mira Canion, level 1 from TPRS books, graphic novels from Señor Wooly & novels from 1goodstory. If I have multiple copies, they were placed behind each other. Students were instructed to pick a book from this shelf of level 1 readers or the current comprehensible Mundo en tus manos - news stories

**Having limited books was the game changer for free reading. My huge library includes too many choices that are incomprehensible to a first year language learner. My children's books, and translated young adult fiction like Harry Potter, look appealing, but are far too difficult. In the past when these are chosen, students just flip through looking at pictures or scan for random things to understand. Preselected books that I knew students would feel confident about, led to the most positive first day of FVR I have ever had. 

As students entered class, the instructions for free reading were projected. 
  • Pick a book from the wire rack or news stories (& remember where you got it to put it back)
  • Find a comfortable place to read
  • Spend the entire five minutes with mouths closed and eyes on reading
  • If you do not know a word, you can look it up in the back of the book

While reading 

I read a book too. I sit on my stool in the middle of the room (or maybe kind of close to someone who needs a little proximity control:). I used to use this time to take attendance, get stuff done and generally distract the class. Now I enjoy reading just as much as the kids and get a chance to enjoy my own Spanish library. 

After reading 

At the end of five minutes, I asked students to hold up their fingers from fist to 5 to show how much they liked their choice. Most students gave it a 4 or 5. I then asked them to raise their hand if they wanted to continue with their book. A resounding majority enjoyed their easy novela and wanted to continue another day. I also asked for volunteers to hold up their book and tell a little bit about why they liked it as a little book promo. I had blank notecards that they could write their name on as a book mark to keep the place. 

We did not complete a log. They did not have to do a report. It was all about learning to enjoy reading. The accountability was low, but the engagement was high. 

The next day students took an assessment and had a couple options of what to do when they were done. I had multiple Spanish 1 students ASK if they could continue with their book instead of the options I had listed! #win

Future reading 

My plan is to continue with five minutes each Tuesday and Thursday to start class in Spanish 1, but build up our stamina adding more minutes as it seems appropriate. By upper levels the goal is 15 minutes. Also, free reading can always be an option for fast finishers. Eventually, I will add more higher level novel options, especially suggesting them to the high flyers who start moving through the level 1 options. 

What have been your game changers for free reading in your world language class? Please share!


  1. Great idea on how to get started! I have wanted to start FVR but have yet to take the plunge! I will begin next week! Thanks for always being so willing to share your classroom with those of us who want to learn!

  2. I just started FVR with a difficult Spanish 2 class and it's been wonderful so far. I did the same as you with the book selections. The first day we read 3 minutes, then they wrote on a piece of paper whether or not they liked the book. Today, we read 4 minutes and went around telling something that happened in their reading. They didn't have to say anything, but it was really positive. I'm loving it.

  3. Martina Bex's new revisita literal: would be a great option for this, too!


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