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Lista lunes - Winter Holidays in Spanish class

Inside: Ideas for Winter Holidays in Spanish class. From the Spanish Navidad Commercial Madness, to the Christmas Lottery, to 3 Kings Day, and everything in between. Hopefully you will find the answers to the questions: "What to do in December in Spanish class?" "What to do the day before winter break?" and "What to do the day after winter break in Spanish class?"

Lista lunes - Winter Holidays in Spanish class - shared at Mis Clases Locas

There are SO many great resources out there related to winter holiday traditions in Spanish speaking countries. I know there has been some debate about if holiday celebrations belong in the classroom, but for Spanish teachers, it is perfect time to dig into intercultural competence, practices, perspectives, and comparisons of the Spanish speaking world and our own. As with everything it is important that we are not providing our own perspective, showing diverse celebrations and allowing students to investigate and come up with their own views. Here are activities that I am using this year, have used in the past, or would love to be able to have time to incorporate someday. 

La Lotería

I know there have been many great videos since this one, but the Justino Spanish Christmas Lottery Spot - Official 2015 is by far my favorite. This year I will be using the wonderful resources below in both Spanish 1 & 2, since I did not have time in level 1 last year. We will be spending about a week using it as a story unit, digging deeper. 
Slideshow for anuncio by Kara Jacobs & Elena Lopez

Navidad Commercial Madness

Navidad Commercial Madness - shared by Mis Clases Locas

For the first time, I finally get to participate in Dustin Williamson's famous #NavidadMadness. You can find all of the resources to participate here. My plan due to the time we have left this semester is that just my Spanish 3 will be participating. We will be starting a little late this week, after we finish our novel assessment. Since we will be doing this as it's own unit, digging into the commercials and not doing anything else, the goal is to try and do 2 sets of commercials a day. We will see and probably will not get to all of the awesome activities he included round 1. Depending on time, I may let some other classes watch them on their own and vote, but we will not be digging into them like Spanish 3. 

Navidad Music Bracket

If your classes have liked doing music brackets, check out this mini Navidad themed music bracket created by Laura Reyes! There is a great slideshow with embedded videos as well. Learn how to do a music bracket here. I hope to use it next year, since I do not think I can do two brackets at once!

Lista lunes - Winter Holidays

Other fun little holiday additions

This is a perfect one day activity to talk about plans over break in the future tense. It is especially good, if you are trying to avoid cultural celebrations and instead just focus on your stdents talkig about their loves. 

If you want to add a little bit each day, here are 3 Weeks of daily class starters or brain breaks. (It has also been added to the Year of Para Empezar, so if you have that, download again for this new addition!)

A fun holiday plate sketch game the day before break, perfect if you have a short class like we do.

If you do not have time for a unit and just want a fun brain break, check out these holiday dances for any class, since they are not even in Spanish.

Elizabeth Dentlinger shares some awesome ready to use activities for holiday tweets in Spanish. (I am using these as a one day sub plan for a day I will be gone in December).

A great well laid out guide to introduce Christmas vs. Reyes Magos in all Spanish. Mundo de Pepita even includes a video & script! 

White Elephant/Yankee Swap
For the last couple of years in Spanish 1, I have done a version of a gift exchange in all Spanish. I have wrapped a bunch of random and goofy little gifts, enough for each person. They will all draw a number, and that is the order they get to pick. After number one goes, each person after that gets to chose from the gift pile, or steal from someone else. I have the rile that after two steals an item is frozen, unless you are the last person, who can pick any gift. Before starting we will discuss the vocabulary needed (I want, give me the gift). When it is their turn, the student will need to say one of these phrases in Spanish. I will narrate what is happening in Spanish as we go. Hopefully, the students find it entertaining. I will share how it goes :)

Post Christmas Break

If you do not do it after Thanksgiving, it is also perfect after Christmas. 

A one day reading perfect if you come back at the end of the week and need a filler. 

many ideas for those first weeks back

Lista lunes - Winter Holidays in Spanish class - tons of ideas shared by Mis Clases Locas

I wish you and yours a very blessed and relaxing holiday season. If you need me, you can find me chasing after two little boys who are really excited about all of the holiday traditions.  

Original post 11.20.17 - Updated 12.3.18

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