Lista lunes: Día de los muertos in Spanish class - Mis Clases Locas

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Lista lunes: Día de los muertos in Spanish class

Inside: Resources for Day of the Dead in Spanish class. Día de los muertos en la clase de español.

lista lunes: Día de los muertos in Spanish class - Mis Clases Locas
It is that time of year, it has cooled off, time for pumpkin spice everything, and everyone on Instagram is reminding me that it is now fall. This means it is time to get ready for Spanish teachers' favorite holiday, el Día de los muertos, or the Day of the Dead. I have done many day of the dead posts before, which can be found here or a bundle of all my my resources here. 

I am personally planing on doing activities related to the Day of the Dead in all levels for the entire week in which it falls. It works out that it is close to the start of a new quarter, so all levels will get a culture break before diving into new novel units. I teach about the holiday IN SPANISH and try to compare it with their own personal life and experiences as much as I can. When I taught at a Catholic school it was the perfect tie in with All Saints Day and All Souls day as well. Below are my favorite resources for teaching the holiday. 

Coco - Movie Guide

Coco - Movie guide for Spanish class

This guide for the movie Coco could be used with every level you teach. It has character descriptions and matching, versions in Spanish and English, as well as a post viewing questions and matching, which could be used as an assessment. I can use versions of this one guide with every since level I teach, Exploratory through Spanish 4. To read more about how I will be using this movie and guide, as well as other resources for the movie, read this post. 
Update: I now have a new guide for Coco for French class too

Find Someone Who - Day of the Dead (new)

Lista lunes: Día de los muertos in Spanish class - Find Someone Who

My newest resource for Day of the Dead is a Find Someone Who with variations that could be used in any level of Spanish class. The personalized questions about the holiday would be a great way to reintroduce the holiday and personalize it for Spanish two and up students, or as a wrap up interpersonal activity after studying the holiday or watching a film in Spanish 1. As always, I include multiple levels of differentiation, as well as extension opportunities to write about classmates. 

Para Empezar - Day of the Dead

15 Activities for the Day of the Dead in Spanish Class

If you are looking for class starters or brain breaks, to infuse a little bit about the holiday each day, this is for you. (it is also included if you have my year of Para Empezar). You can start right after HHM ends, and continue for 3 weeks though Day of the Dead week. They could be used as one activity each day, or combined for a couple days worth of content. The daily activities are as follows:
Monday - Ad/Infographic
Tuesday - Video
Wednesday - Music 
Thursday - Joke
Friday - Dance

Novice Reading in Spanish - Mexico & Day of the Dead

Reading for novice Spanish - Mexico & Day of the Dead

I made this novice level reading to go along with the novel Tumba by Mira Canion. It would be a good one day reading to introduce a little bit about Mexico with a brief overview of the Day of the Dead. It would work well as a sub plan as well. 

Book of Life - Novice Movie Guide

The Book of Life - free movie guide for novice Spanish

This guide is based from the amazing Kara Jacob's intermediate level guide. If you teach higher level students, her guide is perfect! I bought the movie in English online and typically show it in Spanish (with English subtitles in level 1). 

Day of the Dead Resources from around the web

Calaverita - Kara Jacobs

I am planning on using the Calaverita song resources above for my Spanish 3 class this year. Since I have had this group for a while, they have already done most of my go to activities above, so they needed something new. 

Cultural Activties - El Día de los Muertos - Martina Bex

These activities are my all time favorite Day of the Dead activities. I plan to use them with my level 1 and 2. I love the embedded reading and movie talks included. 

My Day of the Dead Bundle

My Fiestas Pinterest Board

Altares Video & Infographic

Video & Embedded Reading activities for Day of the Dead

Lista lunes - Day of the Dead 2014

All Blog Posts for Day of the Dead

All Posts for the novel Tumba by Mira Canion 

Tumba is a perfect way to have students learn about the holiday. My Spanish one class will be starting it after we learn about the Day of the Dead. 

Day of the Dead board - Mis Clases Locas
Here is the board my student assistant whipped up with all stuff that was in my hoarder closet last year 

What are your favorite resources for the Day of the Dead? Please share!

Post originally published - 10.2.17 - Updated - 9.23.18

Lista lunes: Día de los muertos in Spanish class - tons of ideas for Day of the Dead

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