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FREE BOOKS in Spanish & English for your Classroom

Are you looking for a way to build your classroom library for free?

How to get Free Books in Spanish & English!

I blogged herehere & here, about how to get free books for your classroom from the Kelloggs Family Rewards program and now it is back! (No I am not a sponsor of these products). This year the packages must be from Walmart, but 1 package gets you 1 free book!

The instructions can be seen above. By uploading a receipt from a specially marked Kelloggs, Coca-Cola, Hershey or Smuckers products from Walmart you get a free book.
 I do not usually shop there, but I will have to, since the books below in Spanish can be earned for FREE through the program. 

Just make sure that it has the "Fantastic Book Giveaway" logo on the front (below), or you will just not get a free book. 

Look for boxes like the one below. 

Here are the participating products this year. Just make sure they have the logo above on them to get the free books! You can also donate the books to a school of your choice. 
See the website for all of the details. 

For more money saving ideas, check out all posts with the label $ Saver.

What other way to you have to get free or cheap books in your target language?

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