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10 FREE BOOKS in Spanish or English for your Classroom

Inside: How to get 10 Free Books in Spanish or English for your classroom or home!

Are you looking for a way to build your classroom library for free?

Over the past six years I have blogged many times about the Kelloggs Family Rewards Free book program and now it is back & now called Feeding Reading (No I am not a sponsor of these products, I just like free stuff). 

The instructions can be seen above. By uploading a receipt from the Kelloggs' family products listed here, you get one book for each box, up to 10 free books. My family personally eats: Frosted Flakes, Fruit Loops, Mini Wheats, Eggo waffles, and crackers. You can buy them from any store this year but the important thing to note (from last year) EACH BOX MUST BE ON A SEPARATE RECEIPT. 

I am going to repeat that you must go to the grocery store with the nicest people that sells name brand products during a non busy time and nicely ask that every single box that you want to earn a free book with to be in a different transaction. Or you could do self check out. (I made the mistake last year of taking my two boys who basically destroyed the candy display next to the checkout. I am a regular at Aldi who bless them, does not have a bunch of junk at the checkout that little boys want. So thank you again to the sweet teenage checker and the elderly man bagger who ran up 10 transactions and got my boys free dum dum suckers and then took out cart to our car. Fareway people:). 

Why do I care about free books so much? They typically have books in SPANISH for my classroom library and my boys to read at home! (Or 100 titles in English if that is your jam)

Then upload each receipt, wait a day or two for them to be approved, and order the books of your choice with FREE SHIPPING TOO. So this means you can get 10 books, or donate them to the school of your choice for Free!

Here was my first shipment of Free books in summer of 2019! (These same books are not listed this year. It looks like the options are more limited for 2020). 

Not every receipt I uploaded was accepted. I am not sure if I bought an item not on the list or failed at uploading. 
Also, their login can be temperamental, especially with Chrome. It worked better for me in Safari. 

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What other way to you have to get free or cheap books in your target language? Here is My Amazon Classroom Library List if you are looking for more books. (aff)

post updated 7.1.2020

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  1. I was able to get multiple credits from the same receipt. Sometimes they only gave me 1 credit, but I would contact them and they would add the other ones in. Having them on separate receipts probable avoids this issue, but if you already have them on the same receipt, you still should be able to get the credits.


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