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1st Day of Spanish 2 & 3 Plans (without a syllabus)

Inside: Plans for the 1st day of Spanish 2, Spanish 3 or Spanish 4 that get your students up and moving!

1st Day of Spanish 2 & Spanish 3 Plans - without syllabus day

I have realized that there are so many back to school or 1st day of Spanish class resources that focus on level 1. I think this is because it is easy to start at the beginning. When everyone is starting from ground zero, you can start with anything. Starting with higher levels is messier. Students are possibly coming from a variety of teachers and schools and have a wide range of prior Spanish knowledge. You can read here why I don't start with a review unit and what I do instead. At the same time you need to get some kind of baseline of where your students are at, as well as get to know them. 

I have a unique situation as a #deptof1 that I will have previously taught all of my incoming Spanish 2 and above students. This means that day one I can skip the introduction of myself, the expectations, and the name games and get right to communicating in Spanish. Our first day is a short one and I wanted to start with a big weekend talk to hear about the students' summer (and sneakily use past tense). I do not know about your school, but I know that the first day my students can not wait to talk to each other and move around. They are bored stiff from syllabus day in every other class and just want to catch up. Instead of fighting  the chatter and trying to spend the whole class discussing and circling, I decided to create a "find someone who" people search to get them up and moving.
**Update** I now have the same resource available in FRENCH too!
**Update again** if you need something to mix it up, I now have a similar activity, but now with differentiated question cards for the first day of Spanish 2+!

1st day of Spanish 2-4 Plan (or for French)

  • Greet students at the door. 
  • Have music playing as students enter and a photo booth set up for students to take pictures at. 
  • In Spanish, welcome students back and show them a couple pictures of my summer, describing it in Spanish. 
  • Give students a couple minutes to brainstorm something they did over the summer (and write it if they would like). During this time I will write some common summer phrases on the board as an example. (This processing time makes sure that no one is put on the spot with their rusty Spanish).
  • Discuss a few volunteers answers, circling and repeating the high frequency phrases.
  • Pass out find someone who sheet. (There are two versions, one with more support, and one more open ended for higher level classes). Students will get a chance to look through the possible questions and make sure they know what everything is asking.
  • With a clipboard, sheet and pencil, students will go around asking each other the questions in Spanish. To be kind on their summer mush brain, and to build confidence, I have the yo form of the verb already listed. They will add in elaborating details and sign each others' sheets. 
  • Once they have all squares signed, students will practice the s/he forms by writing about what their class did. They will also write about what they did. 
1st Day of Spanish 2 & 3 Plans (without a syllabus)

Optional Extensions   
Depending on the class and interest I may pick a couple extensions. These would probably happen the next day or two depending on time.
  • Discuss as a class who did what. 
  • Make a giant Venn Diagram comparing and contrasting students, or the teacher and a student. (This would be a good way to add in the plural forms).
  • Have students draw what a classmate did. Put these up around the room or project with a document camera and guess who the picture is describing. 
  • Have students draw what they did. These could be used to have them describe to each other in Spanish or have the teacher use them to describe what they did. 
  • Play 2 Truths and a Lie (students write two things they actually did and one lie. The teacher then reads these and the class guesses who it was and what their lie was). 
  • Do a free write where students write what they did and what a classmate did. (This is my plan for my baseline assessment**)

Later in the week we will do a a couple stations for administrative purposes. This will include students reading through syllabus and writing down questions, filling out my start of class Google Form, getting set up with the LMS & Sr. Wooly account, and reviewing the proficiency puzzle. I like to wait for this administrative stuff and actually get them using Spanish day 1 instead. For my plan for the rest of the year, here is my tentative curriculum plan for 2017-2018. 

If you would like more ideas of how I have started the school year, here are all of my posts labeled back to schoolIf you would like to download all of my other back to school resources, you can find them here.

If you would like to see how I am starting the year with Spanish 1, you can get my new high frequency verb unit in Spanish or in French.

**Update** if you did the find someone who previously and need something to mix it up, I now have a similar activity, but now with differentiated question cards for the first day of Spanish 2+!

What are your plans for the first day and week of school?


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  2. What does your photo booth look like?

  3. What types of things do you put on your google form?

    1. if you search "student interest form" on TOT there are tons of ideas! basic get to know you and experience with Spanish, goals and interests, etc

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