July 2017 - Mis Clases Locas

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Teaching with Novels

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Meet Sra. Wienhold

What's in a Bundle?

Inside: Mis Clases Locas Bundles of Resources

You may have noticed that this summer I have added quite a few bundles to my TPT. I have found that when buying items myself, I would much rather be able to get everything all together at once, especially when doing a school purchase order. (Have you asked your school if you can use your classroom or curriculum money on TPT? If not Do It!) 
A perk on a bundle is that are usually marked at about discount! Since I want to make sure you are clear on what is in each bundle, I figured I would break it down.

You can find all of my money saving bundles here. Always click on the resource to see what is included, especially those that are growing. 

Música miércoles GROWING BUNDLE!

For the Música miércoles music loving classes, this will get you enough music for life! This bundle has the added perk that each time I add a Música miércoles resource, the bundle will be updated, and you can download it again at no additional cost. It currently includes the following 5 slideshows. 

All the music resources from me you could ever want!

Baile viernes BUNDLE

Baile viernes Bundle - dancing in Spanish class

If your students like to dance and do baile viernes, this bundle will have you covered with enough dances for a whole year. It includes the following 3 slideshows. 

Baile viernes
Baile viernes 2
Baile viernes 2017

Para Empezar: 1 year of Spanish Bell Ringers Bundle

1 year of Spanish Para Empezar Bell ringers or brain breaks

If your class does free reading on Tuesday and Thursday every week, then maybe you just want to purchase the Música miércoles Bundle & baile viernes Bundle above. If you are looking for an activity to start class, or as a brain break ever single day of the year, then the 1 year of Para Empezar is the right choice. I recommend completing them in the following order, using the holiday sets during their respective months. As always, the editable Google Slideshows let you adapt everything to meet the needs of your specific classes. It includes the following 8 resources.

Para Empezar for the Novice Spanish
Hispanic Heritage Month: Song of the day - 1 from each country!
Para Empezar - Day of the Dead.
 •6 Weeks of Exploratory Spanish Para Empezar
Para Empezar - Valentine's Day.
 •7 Weeks of Para Empezar
Music Bracket for Spanish Class.
 •6 Weeks of Intermediate Spanish Para Empezar.

A year of Para Empezar with a theme for each day. 

The newest year of Para Empezar has a mix of 22 weeks with a theme for each day, with breaks for HHM, Afro-latino & Music Madness. 

Middle School BUNDLE - Música miércoles & baile viernes for a year

Middle School Music Bell ringers or brain breaks for a year!

If you teach younger students, or just in a more conservative environment, this is the bundle for you. It has enough Música miércoles & baile viernes for a whole year with 36 of each. It includes the most appropriate songs from many other resources, especially from those 4 below. 

Música miércoles for middle school.

Música miércoles for elementary & middle school.
Baile viernes for middle school.
Baile viernes 2017.

Back to School Bundle

1st Week of Spanish class Bundle

Besides all of the Para Empezar Bundles, my 1st Week of School Bundle has everything you need for an awesome no prep first week of school. You can see more about how I implement it in this post. It includes the following resources. 

Proficiency Puzzle 
Syllabus for Spanish 1, 2 & 3 
Pre Unit 1 
Parent Newsletter 
1st Week Slideshow
• Instagram Photo Booth (free!)
• Lesson Plan for the week (exclusive to this bundle)
• Lesson Plan template (exclusive to this bundle)

All of the above plus all of my high frequency units and Mi Verano activities. 

Are there other resources you would like to see bundled? Or other resources in general you wish I had? Please let me know!

1st Day of Spanish 2 & 3 Plans (without a syllabus)

Inside: Plans for the 1st day of Spanish 2, Spanish 3 or Spanish 4 that get your students up and moving!

1st Day of Spanish 2 & Spanish 3 Plans - without syllabus day

I have realized that there are so many back to school or 1st day of Spanish class resources that focus on level 1. I think this is because it is easy to start at the beginning. When everyone is starting from ground zero, you can start with anything. Starting with higher levels is messier. Students are possibly coming from a variety of teachers and schools and have a wide range of prior Spanish knowledge. You can read here why I don't start with a review unit and what I do instead. At the same time you need to get some kind of baseline of where your students are at, as well as get to know them. 

I have a unique situation as a #deptof1 that I will have previously taught all of my incoming Spanish 2 and above students. This means that day one I can skip the introduction of myself, the expectations, and the name games and get right to communicating in Spanish. Our first day is a short one and I wanted to start with a big weekend talk to hear about the students' summer (and sneakily use past tense). I do not know about your school, but I know that the first day my students can not wait to talk to each other and move around. They are bored stiff from syllabus day in every other class and just want to catch up. Instead of fighting  the chatter and trying to spend the whole class discussing and circling, I decided to create a "find someone who" people search to get them up and moving.
**Update** I now have the same resource available in FRENCH too!
**Update again** if you need something to mix it up, I now have a similar activity, but now with differentiated question cards for the first day of Spanish 2+!


Planning for El capibara con botas in Spanish class

Inside: Resources for teaching the novel El capibara con botas in Spanish class. Front-loading culture and vocab before teaching the novel. How to get ready to teach your first novel in Spanish class

Resources for teaching the novel El capibara con botas by Mira Canion


43 New FREE Resources for Spanish Teachers

Are you looking for some new FREE resources for your Spanish class? If so, check out the Free Ebooks below, each with many amazing resources. There is a Secondary Spanish Ebook 2017: Tips and FREE Resources & Elementary EBookEach page has tips and ideas for the best school year ever from a teacher, with a links to resources. I even have a page in the secondary book! Download today to get your creative juices flowing.

Spanish Secondary Ebook: Tips and FREE Resources

 Secondary Spanish Ebook 2017:  Tips and FREE Resources


Back to Spanish Class: 1st Week of School - sss

Are you looking for ideas of what to do the first week of Spanish class?

Back to Spanish Class - What to do the 1st week of class
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