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Using Sr. Wooly in Spanish Class

Using Sr. Wooly in Spanish class

This year I tried a few new (to me) things. The one that I honestly can not believe that I had not used before is Sr. Wooly. Sure, as a Spanish teacher I had heard of Sr. Wooly, and seen a couple of his videos on Youtube, but I had not yet drank the kool-aid. I did not get what the fuss was all about. Last year when I had curriculum money to spend and posed the question of what to buy on Twitter and some Facebook groups, many people mentioned a subscription to Sr. Wooly Pro. We only get money every six years, so I went all in with a six year subscription. I AM SO GLAD I DID!

Using Sr. Wooly in Spanish Class
Using Sr. Wooly in Spanish Class

Even though I had the subscription, since I had no idea yet how to use it in class, it was not a part of my curriculum plan. I started the year on maternity leave and felt like I was playing catch up all year to make up for my students missing ten weeks of CI. The opening for Sr. Wooly came in my 8th grade exploratory class last fall. I did not want to move ahead, since the other section had the sub, so we were free styling, spending most of class on Special Person Interviews

Trying out Sr. Wooly 

To mix it up one day I pulled up Sr. Wooly and the song ¿Puedo ir al baño? We watched the video as a class and I had them try out the "nuggets," since we are 1:1 with Chromebooks. They loved it and started watching the other videos on their own and recommending them to me. For the last couple weeks of class each day we spent the first half of class doing Special Person Interviews and the other half doing little Sr. Wooly units. In that class we also did Es una Ganga, Las Excusas and Guapo. 

Wooly Week

With that first class, I did not fully utilize the supplementary activities, puzzles, games, or readings that come with the teacher pro subscription. I also kind of forgot to try it out with any more of my classes. Fast forward to early February and I am bombarded with Wooly week on social media. I showed my first hour Spanish 1 the brand new No Lo Tengo song to participate in the Wooly raffle and then decided to drop my original plan for the week and go all in with Wooly week. We watched the three new videos that came out and completed tasks for the raffle. Also, we set up their Pro accounts and did a unit with No Lo Tengo. They loved the catchy song, differentiation,  and change of pace from stories and novels. 

A Typical Wooly Unit

Spanish 1 begged for more and are ending the year doing units on Es una Ganga and Guapo. Now that I am more familiar with the site a typical unit is as follows:

  • Do some pre-activities from the supplementary packet and maybe a Quizlet Live with vocab (I just search on Quizlet for pre-made sets)
  • Read a couple versions of the lectura embedded reading story. 
  • Watch the video as a class
  • Students complete video nuggets
  • Once dine they have the option to complete a puzzle or do another post viewing activity that I have printed 
  • Do a small assessment 
I typically plan for about a week for a unit, but it also varies with song and level. For example Es una Ganga has very little vocab and is a very quick unit. (It is also a favorite with the creepy ganga girls).

Spreading the Wooly Love

Spanish 4 was late to join the Wooly party and did a unit with the new song Amnesia as an introduction to their La Calaca Alegre unit. It worked great with the theme of Identity. They are sad they missed out on Sr. Wooly their past years and are always caught singing it in the hallway. Just last week Spanish 2 finally got their chance and also did Amnesia. To say they love it is an understatement. I have been told by other teachers that my students are obsessed with this black and white Spanish song, and I caught one blaring it on her Chromebook down the hall during passing time. 

As I work on my curriculum plan for next year, I am working to intentionally plan Sr. Wooly units throughout the year. This Facebook group, Woology--Sr. Wooly Teachers & Fans, has been an awesome resource for all things Wooly. If you are on the fence and wondering if it is worth the money, GO FOR IT!

Do you use Sr. Wooly in class? How? What are your favorites and how do you use them?


  1. Could you email me at, please? I am filling out requisitions for materials for next year and really need your expert advice on what to order. I'd like to share with you what I teach etc, but prefer to do so through email. THANKS!!!

  2. I really like your writing style, superb information, thanks for putting up. Thanks again

  3. Allison, do you have them do all 10 nuggets? I am never sure exactly how much to have them do. I assign them for homework but some kids refuse to do them and their grade tanks because I do give some points for them.

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  5. Hi Allison! Fellow Iowa teacher here ... I'm wondering if you think you would be able to use the Sr. Wooly songs/nuggets with even very very beginner 7th grade exploratory students? I'm not familiar with Sr. Wooly and want to make sure it would actually be useful for the kids before I invest! Thanks for your help!

    1. I would say you could use some if them for sure! I have used No lo tengo, Es una ganga and Guapo with exploratory


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