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Planning for Bianca Nieves y los 7 toritos

I am pretty excited that after Spring break Spanish II is going to start a unit centered around the novel Bianca Nieves y los 7 toritos by Carrie Toth. It will be my first time teaching the novel, so I know I will rely heavily on the awesome teacher's guide also by Carrie. I love how many innovative ideas are included, that even have pictures and examples. If you are ever on the fence about getting a guide and wondering if they are worth it, THEY ARE WORTH THEIR WEIGHT IN GOLD. My time is precious, so ready to go discussion questions and activities are my lifeline. 

A week into our new quarter we will have state testing, so I want to wait until that is done to actually start the novel. It will actually work out great that we can spend some extra time on a mini unit focusing on bull fighting and Spain. I spent a semester studying in Oviedo, and summer living in Rota, Spain, so it will be fun to show my actual pictures and explain the bull fight I attended. 

Planning for Bianca Nieves y los 7 torritos

Bullfighting Pre Unit

My current Spanish II got a taste of bullfighting last year during unit 5 of Martina's SOMOS curriculum, so this year I plan to expand on that. It is a mostly male class, who is all about the gory details. The tentative plan is start with a few of Elizabeth Dentlinger's amazing resources for personalized questions, as well as learning about the bull and bull fighter. I will then share about the corrida that I attended with pictures. For a fun addition durng testing we will do the Matador Guapo video story from Spanish Cuentos, as well as dig into El Toro Ferdinando. All of the links can be found below. 

I then plan to talk a bit about Spain in general, once again using pictures I have, as well as the Geography of Spain from Sra. Dentlinger

If there is still more time, we may use some of the resources below

Bianca Nieves - ideas for during the novel 

Besides the teacher's guide, here are more resources I have saved to incorporate as well while teaching Bianca Nieves. It looks like I need to get some reader's theater bullfighting props ready ;)

Ferdinand - NEW!

My 2018 Update is now using the new movie Ferdinand. Here is my new guide
Ferdinand Movie Guide for Spanish class - to go with the novel Bianca Nieves

What are your favorite ideas and resources for teaching this novel?


  1. Love this! What great ideas and resources!

  2. This post has been fantastic! I went from wondering if I could find anything out there from teachers who had already taught this novel to feeling like I had more than enough! Thank you.:-)


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