Best of 2016: #1 How I Teach Spanish Without a Textbook - UPDATED Curriculum Year 5 - Mis Clases Locas

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Best of 2016: #1 How I Teach Spanish Without a Textbook - UPDATED Curriculum Year 5

How I Teach Spanish Without a Textbook UPDATED Curriculum Year 5#1 Post of 2016

So my most popular post of the year was my TENTATIVE year 5 curriculum. In all transparency, a lot has changed since that post was published in early August. This was my ideal plan, which included what I hoped my maternity sub would accomplish 1st quarter. Well she did her own thing, so many other things shifted based on that. 

Each level is composed of two semesters that are 18 weeks each, with about 50 minute classes. To see what I have done in past years see: Curriculum years 1-3 & Curriculum - year 4.

Best of 2016: #1 How I Teach Spanish Without a Textbook - UPDATED Curriculum Year 5

Below is the basic overview plan by quarter. I used to think it was easier to plan if all classes started and ended units at the same time. Yeah right! Now I prefer to space out when assessments will be taking place if possible. Sometimes with the end of a semester it is not possible, but it helps if you can. I try to do about one novel unit per quarter, each using the supplemental Teacher's Guides, movies, and additional resources to round out the units. 

Year 5 - (1st 10 Weeks on Maternity Leave) 

Spanish 1 

(had 6 weeks of Exploratory Spanish last year, which included Martina Bex Somos curriculum units 1-3 & Geography Mini Unit)

Spanish 2 

(This year there is no Spanish 3 because of our move from trimesters to semesters. Spanish 4 are actually juniors this year).

Spanish 4

Exploratory Spanish - 1 quarter each of 7th & 8th grade 

    8th grade - Exploratory Spanish 
    • 1st group had the sub and did 1st Units of Realidades 1

    7th grade - Exploratory Spanish - I plan to do it similar to this post from last year
    How do you plan (and re-plan) for the year?

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    1. Thanks, Allison, for sharing your work so generously! I love seeing examples of how doable this is for teachers--also love that you place it in a 5 year plan(we can't do it all in 1 year!) Also, appreciate that you cite sources that you didn't create, but that you chose based on quality--it's something I'm giving a lot of thought to--we don't have to reinvent the wheel and create it all ourselves-just exercise good judgement in choosing materials. I've been writing elementary units based on content(health, biomes/animal studies/planets/geography), justice(food shortage/waste), who goes to school, where do children live, What makes a family, what makes a good friend, consumerism(formerly 'shopping'), responsible/sustainable travel(prep for 8th grade trip)--kids are a lot more engaged and invested(and it's more fun:) ) Happy New Year!


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