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Currently...October 2016

Currently...October 2016

Thoughts, ramblings, and current favorites of a Spanish teacher. 

While on maternity leave I have been trying to do at least one blog post per week. This has even been a stretch for me since without being in the classroom, I am having a harder time coming up with content. This week my mind has been all over the place, so  like I have seen some of my favorite bloggers do, I am going to share the ramblings that are on my mind. 

Time and place: 12:56pm in the basement. Baby boy is sleeping in the swing and the toddler is finally down for a nap after quite the struggle. With Halloween coming up, suddenly everything is "scary" and my usually awesome toddler sleeper was up twice last night afraid that something was in his room. That was in addition to the two middle of the night feedings with baby boy. This mama is looking forward to *someday* having a full, uninterrupted night of sleep. Next summer maybe?

Loving: My new logos! After two and a half years with a blog I now have some official looking logos thanks to Rachel. If you follow me on social media you have seen my new look on FacebookInstagramTwitter and most impressive of all TPT. (I have joined the cool club with a rotating quote box, and it is really not as intimidating as it looks, just Google a how to). 

Planning: My return from maternity leave. I am down to T-2.5 weeks and am freaking out a bit that all that planning I was going to do all summer and fall never actually happened. But, maybe that is a good thing since my maternity leave comprehensible input sub plans were not followed and instead the old textbooks were brought out of storage. This means my prematurely shared Curriculum year 5 is going to have to get a full overhaul, as I start from scratch. The first week back is short with conferences and is going to be kind of a catch up with a lot of special person interviews, assessing where we are at, and figuring out where to go next. Then I hope to start a novel in each class with Tumba in Spanish 1, Fiesta Fatal in Spanish 2 and Vida y Muerte en la mara salvatrucha in Spanish 4. My 8th grade exploratory class is going to start with Sr. Wooly while I figure out what other fun stuff to do until Christmas as the other half of the grade got the pleasure of doing first chapter of the textbook things like numbers and the alphabet with the sub. 

Watching: This is Us. This new dramady gives you all the feels, while also bringing the laughs. If you like Nicolas Sparks books, this is for you. It is now on my regular schedule at 8pm CST Tuesday on NBC. 

Missing: My godmother. My aunt passed away very suddenly last week, shocking my entire family. (Her parents are both still living in their 90's). To celebrate her life, I took a 7 week old who had only ever been in the car for 30 minutes on a 9+ hour road trip to Cincinnati. Thank goodness I picked up my mom, step dad and sister along the way to chauffeur us in the mini van. Baby boy wins traveler of the year and did an amazing job. While the situation was unfortunate that brought us together, it was great to be able to spend time with so many family members and share some good laughs along with the tears. So, hug your loved ones tight, because you never know when they will leave you. 

Embracing: Iowa Fall. I have to say it is pretty awesome to be able to take an afternoon walk (with a double stroller)  to check out the leaves in the crisp cool air. I have also drank my weight in hot apple cider (Try adding some pumpkin spice seasoning. It is a game changer). We already went to the pumpkin patch and on tonight's agenda is carving pumpkins. The toddler has been carrying around the orange plastic scooper from the carving kit all day practicing. 

My pumpkins in an impromptu photo shoot today.
That mum was planted this spring bright yellow, was dead all summer, and just came back orange. 

Celebrating: Winning the grand prize in the Multicultural Kids Blog Hispanic Heritage Month giveaway! It shows it is worth it to keep entering all those random contests, someday you may win. My little guys/students are going to love our new books, music and more. 

Appreciating: You! Thank you so much for reading along and joining me on this journey to learn and grow as a Spanish teacher. If you ever have an idea for a blog post, a question, or just want to say hi, please feel free to reach out. I am honored that some of the things I have shared have made their way into your classroom too. If this is the case, please share pictures, as I would love to see it in action!

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