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Lista lunes: Hispanic Heritage Month in Spanish class

Inside: Resources for Hispanic Heritage Month or Latinx Heritage Month in Spanish class. 

Lista lunes: Hispanic Heritage Month - Mis Clases Locas

Every year Hispanic Heritage Month or Latinx Heritage Month is celebrated from September 15 - October 15. It is the perfect opportunity to infuse your Spanish class with culture. Here are some resources from around the web to make planning this month a breeze. 

Song of the day - 1 from each country!

Lista lunes: Hispanic Heritage Month in Spanish class - music bracket shared by Mis Clases Locas

I have a collection of 22 songs, each representing a Spanish speaking country. This means there is one song for every school day of Hispanic Heritage month. It is a great way to introduce where in the world speaks Spanish, nationalities, geography, pop culture, music genres, and novelty. They could be used as a Para Empezar class starter each day, or as a Brain Break. The videos are embedded in the slides for easy teaching. 
If you do not want to spread it through the whole month, it could be a stand alone lesson for a couple of days, perfect for a substitute. You could post the slideshow for students to go through and watch the videos at their own pace, having them rank the songs, color a map where their favorites are from, or create their own music bracket playoff with a winner at the end. I found a lot of new artists and groups from the Spanish speaking world while creating this that I hope you enjoy as much as I do!

This year I will be using a HHM Music bracket with the brand new 2019 version #4

I now have more sets!
You can also get  3 sets for a deal.

Lista lunes: Hispanic Heritage Month - Mis Clases Locas

Secondary Spanish Space - collection of ideas

This post has many ideas for the whole month organized by music, art, culture, reading and more. 

Elementary Resources for Hispanic Heritage Month - El Mundo de Pepita

If you teach younger students, El Mundo de Pepita shares a blog post with 16 songs for Hispanic Heritage Month which elementary students love to groove to and provide connections with their every day lives. 

For another great elementary resource, El Mundo de Pepita just posted an elementary activity with handout provided on Making Cultural Connections by Comparing a Taco

Hispanic Heritage Project for Elementary - Fun for Spanish teachers

Here is another great elementary blog post on the topic from Fun for Spanish Teachers. This post has a list of famous Hispanic people to research and a list of basic questions to work on answering. This project could also be done with older novice Spanish students as well. She has a great idea if you are limited on time or want to make it more tactile about cutting out the questions and glueing them down by the answers. 

Hispanic Heritage Month: Webquest

Super Senorita's Spanish Stuff has a webquest for middle and high school students that even has a google doc version, perfect for a substitute lesson with 1:1 classes. Students will research basics about the month and then deepen their research by choosing from a list of online biographies of famous Hispanics and Latinos. 

10 Ideas for Hispanic Heritage Month - Sra. Cruz

Sra. Cruz has so many awesome resources for Hispanic Heritage Month, which she shares in this blog post. She has everything you need for a full blown unit on notable Hispanic Americans. Check out her resources if you want ready made plans and activities for this month. 

Readings and Questions - Martina Bex

This resource has a projectable, Spanish-language reading that provides an overview and history of Hispanic Heritage Month in the US. It also contains a a print-out of an article from the US Government's website in Spanish about the history of Hispanic Heritage Month, comprehension questions in English and personalized questions for discussion in Spanish.

Mexican Independence Day with Authentic Media - Catharyn Crane

Catharyn Crane shares a great blog post with resources to teach Mexican Independence Day. It is designed for beginning Spanish students uses authentic media to teach about "El Grito" and includes an activity for the song Viva Mexico. 

Spanish Mama shares a post with a freebie for South America geography games. have your students get to know South America better with printable cards for students to practice South American Geography: countries, capitals, flags, and quick facts about the country. These could be used to play memory, Go Fish, spoons, etc.

Spanish Mama also has an adorable printable mini book in both Spanish and English for learning about Peru. 

Collection of Resources - Language Teacher's Cafe

A great collection of blog posts, resources, freebies and Pinterest boards all about Hispanic Heritage Month. 

Spanish Culture Project - La Profesora Frida

La Profesora Frida has a great culture project for beginning Spanish students. Also, here is a free brainstorming list of 50+ cultural topics to explore. This would be a perfect activity for students to complete with a substitute while you are at your local fall language teacher conference. 

Famous Hispanics Game and Research Project - World Language Cafe

The World Language Cafe shares a great project idea for Hispanic Heritage Month. This game review descriptions, while learning culture about famous Hispanics. 

How do you use Hispanic Heritage Month in your Spanish class? Share in the comments!

Originally posted 9.12.16 - updated 9.16.19

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