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End of August = Back to School Special!

To celebrate the end of an amazing month (hello baby Henry!) I am throwing a one day sale! All back to school resources in my TPT store will be 20% off on Wednesday, August 31. This will be the last sale of the year on these back to school items. It even includes the popular back to school bundle & Proficiency Puzzle

I hope everyone is having an amazing start to the school year!

CIPeek guest post - Teaching a Novel: Spice it up!

Today I have a guest post is on CIPeek. Check it out! 

P.S. It is my first day of school and I am not at school since I am on maternity leave.  
P.P.S. Baby boy #2 has not yet made his appearance. 
P.P.P.S. Any suggestions of what to do to occupy my time and/or how to move him along are appreciated :)

Other Novel resources you may enjoy


Lista lunes: August

Lista lunes: August

Resources from around the web to inspire your Spanish teaching for the rest of the month of August. 

La Tomatina mini unit

La Tomatina in Spain
This fun fiesta happens to be right at the start of many school years, on August 31. Make your first unit this mini cultural unit by Martina Bex, which will get students reading and listening to Spanish right away about a topic they will be interested in, a giant food fight. Then build relationships with a food fight by Amy Lenord, which uses the game "snowball fight" with red paper to help students get to know each other. We did this activity two years ago when Amy posted it and the students had a blast, as you can see in the action packed photo below. 

Students having their own Tomatina Fight - by Amy Lenord

The Olympics

image source

There are so many great authentic resources out there right now for an Olympic themed unit to start the year. Not only could you use it for a sports unit, but also to talk about relationships, family, commercials, music, poverty, geography of the world, gender equality, and so many other high or low level topics. I personally love the Olympics (especially women's gymnastics) and now will forever associate Winter 2014 with being home on maternity leave and Summer 2016 as my last month of pregnancy. 

Check out this round up Creative Language Class with ideas for all kinds of authentic resources. The Rio 2016 Website in Spanish is the perfect place to start as a jumping point for many other resources. 
Also, Infografias en castellano has had a TON of Olympic and sports related infografics this summer that would be great for interpretive reading. 

Proficiency Discussion

Proficiency Puzzle

The beginning of the year is the perfect time to make sure that students understand language proficiency. To plan where they are going, they need the roadmap of how to get there. In my class I like to use the Proficiency Puzzle activity to get the discussion started. I have seen some great bulletin boards inspired from this graphic as well. Below you can see how I have the proficiency descriptors above my bulletin board on my wall. My students and I reference it ALL the time to show where we are and where we are going. 

Proficiency Descriptors on my wall - inspired by the Creative Language Class

Back to School Resources

Back to School Resources
Don't forget that TODAY is the 
Teachers Pay Teachers site wide back to school BOOST sale! Today (Monday) only head on over to Mis Clases Locas & use the code OneDay for 20% off! This is the time to stock up on everything you need for this school year. Snatch up the very popular Back to School Bundle for everything you need for the first week of school. There is no need to stress when so many great teacher-authors have ready made resources for you. 


Back to School Boost Sale - 1 Day Only!

It is that time of year we all wait for, the Teachers Pay Teachers site wide back to school BOOST sale! Monday, head on over to Mis Clases Locas & use the code OneDay for 20% off! This is the time to stock up on everything you need for this school year. Snatch up the very popular Back to School Bundle for everything you need for the first week of school. 

Below are my newer products, added this summer. 

Finally, click on the pictures below for the categories of resources available. 

Para Empezar

Back to School


Music Activities

Cultural Activities

Authentic Resources

El Internado

Classroom Decorations

What is in your cart & on your TPT wish list?

Why I don't start school with a review unit

Earlier this week I received a comment on my post about this year's curriculum and how I teach without a textbook from the awesome Amanda (@ADiazMora on Twitter) that really got me thinking. It was a simple and straightforward question: 
"How do you review with your 2's & 4's?" 
As I started thinking about how I would answer, I knew I needed more space, because the answer to how do I review is "I don't."

Why I don't start school with a review unit & what I do instead in Spanish class


How I Teach Spanish Without a Textbook - Curriculum Year 5

Since everyone has been posting their curriculum plans, I thought I would jump in with my tentative plan of the year. Remember I will be on maternity leave 1st quarter so depending on what happens while I am gone, some or all of this may shift. This year each level is composed of two semesters that are 18 weeks each, with about 50 minute classes. 
To see what I have done in past years see: Curriculum years 1-3 & Curriculum - year 4.

Below you will see how I tentatively lay out the year. I like to see everything side by side, week by week a running Google Spreadsheet. As a department of one, it helps me to balance out starting new units and films. I used to think it was easier to plan if all classes started and ended units at the same time. Yeah right! Now I prefer to space out when assessments will be taking place if possible. Sometimes with the end of a semester it is not possible, but it helps if you can. I try to do about one novel unit per quarter, each using the supplemental Teacher's Guides, movies, and additional resources to round out the units. The colors mean the following: Yellow - Martina Bex Somos Units, Purple - TPRS Novel units, Blue - Culture mini units, Orange - Intro or Choice Novels. 

Year 5 - 1st Quarter on Maternity Leave 

This is my tentative curriculum spreadsheet of the year - see below for more details
Yellow - Martina Bex Somos Units
Purple - TPRS Novels
Blue - Culture Units
Orange - Intro or Choice Novels
You can get the planning template from above here.

Spanish 1 

(had 6 weeks of Exploratory Spanish last year, which included Martina Bex Somos curriculum units 1-3 & Geography Mini Unit)

Spanish 2 

(This year there is no Spanish 3 because of our move from trimesters to semesters. Spanish 4 are actually juniors this year).

Spanish 4

    Exploratory Spanish - 1 quarter each of 7th & 8th grade 

    • 7th grade - Exploratory Spanish - similar to this post from last year
    How do you plan for the year?

    Let it go: Back to school on maternity leave

    I have recently felt like Elsa from Frozen, since my mantra has been "Let it Go." As most of you know I am due with baby boy on the first day of school, which makes me 90 (ok 9) months pregnant right now. We finally have a sub lined up, who is actually the retired teacher of 30+ years that I replaced last year. This means I know the students will be in more than capable hands while I am gone, but that I need to Let. It. Go. 

    Let go of control of the classroom

    I showed up at school on Monday, the first day we were allowed back in our classrooms, expecting a disaster, and instead found it ready for the first day of school. Yes, this was a nice surprise to not have to find someone to move around furniture, but as teachers we have a special kind of satisfaction taking the "before" and "after pictures. I will give credit to the perfectly set up room to the beautiful diagram I left for our awesome custodians, and my sub, who already came in and got keys and had obviously already been in the room setting up. (The syllabuses I left in my sub binder were already copied and set on the front table ready to pass out).

    I walked into "my room" and it did not even feel like mine. Little things were off and there were already things put up on my bulletin boards. (I enjoy decorating bulletin boards). Her name was already posted outside of my room, 3x as big as mine. I had to keep reminding myself that I will not be the teacher for the first quarter, and to Let it Go. It was less work for me, I should be grateful, but it is so hard to let go of the control of every detail. Instead room set up is one thing off of my checklist that has been taken care of. 

    Let go of control of the planning

    I wrote this post about planning for maternity leave with my first one. (Which actually has "let go of control" on the list of things to do:) This year my goal before I left for the summer was to have my sub binder and maternity leave plans, binders, and Google Drive folder ready to go. It was an amazing feeling leaving for the summer knowing that everything was all ready to go and I did not need to spend my summer stressing about leave. The general plan I left includes the following:
    It would be amazing if these plans were followed, but I have to accept that the sub taught 30+ years of traditional textbook. When you are a department of one, you are used to being able to control the full curriculum. I have to keep telling myself that I am lucky to have an experienced, Spanish speaking sub. No, it will not be me and the year will not start out exactly how it would have if I was there. I left my plans, which is all I can do. Time to Let it Go. 

    Let go of control of baby

    On a personal note, I need to realize that baby is in control and there is a plan. This week at 37 weeks he turned breech, and I am scheduled for an ECV (version to try and turn baby head side down) Friday morning. If you are the praying kind I could use any positive thoughts and vibes you could send my way that he turns and stays down for the duration. 

    **Update** Thank you for your thoughts & prayers. Baby boy turned himself around before the appointment. Now he just needs to stay that way!

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