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#WBW - Música miércoles

One of the first things I posted about on the blog was a classroom routine that started my first year teaching, Música miércoles. Since it is Wednesday, here is another Way Back Wednesday for you. Música miércoles is a Para Empezar class starter watching a music video (or lyrics video for those with inappropriate videos) of a current or classic song in Spanish. After watching the video, we typically talk about the video, artist, or message in Spanish for a few minutes.

How do I pick what songs to use?

The song of the week may go with the current theme or country of study, or may just be a fun new song. As a department of 1, having the same song for all levels on a certain day, was one way to make my planning easier. I have a very popular and always growing Youtube playlist to keep class favorites organized. Each week I pick either a favorite song of mine or one from Billboard Latino Top 100. I am always on the lookout for new music on Pinterest and Twitter as well. For example, here are a few popular songs from this summer I plan on using in class this fall. 

Why implement Música miércoles?

My first year of teaching, one of my biggest successes was música miércoles. I am not proud of a lot of what I did that year for curriculum, but because of this tradition, many students' favorite day of the week became Wednesday, as shared on their friday feedback. Week after week students would enter saying "Yeah, we get to listen to music today!" "Whooo, música miércoles!" I think this is because many students enjoy listening to music, and think they get to "waste" class time doing so. What they do not realize is this "waste" has the following benefits to them:
  • Listening to the Spanish language through song
  • Exposing them to new genres and artists of Spanish speaking music
  • Learning the geography of where the artists are from
  • Hearing different accents and slang from various parts of the world
  • Getting catchy music stuck in their head 
  • Cultivating an interest in new music, enough to start their own Spanish Pandora station at home
  • Bringing up cultural similarities and differences
  • Making learning Spanish fun
  • Having students excited to come to Spanish class

How do I start?

As students enter class on Wednesday, have a video in Spanish playing. I now have the video embedded in Google slides with the artist, title, and some kind of task posted as well. You can get my newest slideshow here. Students watch the video and we then discuss or write about it. Since I have been doing this class routine for so long, I have created quite a few resources that are ready to go. My latest version has a link to a Google slideshow with the videos already embedded. An example of what I project is below. 

An example of what is on the board for Música miércoles 

I know a lot of teachers use something similar to expand in their classes, such as the song of the week from Kara Jacobs. Instead of just using the song for one day, you can use it to start class every day for a week, completing different tasks. I have also picked particular songs on Wednesdays that go with our unit of study, and we spend the entire class period doing activities related to that song. I love using music in class and música miércoles has been the most consistent way I have found to incorporate it in Spanish class, side by side with any existing curriculum. 

How do you use music in class?


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