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Peter va a Colombia: Resources

Peter va a Colombia is an awesome novice level reader by fellow Iowa Craig Klein. You can purchase the book here from his site Spanish Cuentos or below from Amazon using Prime.

 I wrote about the novel last year here, but actually got to purchase a class set to use this year in class. I plan to have it as our last novel of Spanish 1 in the spring. (Also, just a side note there are more great things in the works from Craig that you should keep a look out for this year :)

I have already started gathering resources to enhance the novel and to make it a full cultural unit. The novel is chock full of perfect cultural expansion topics surrounding the country of Colombia. Some of my personal favorites are the Biblioburro and El Desfile del Yipao. See the resources below that I am planning to use so far. 

Pinterest Board - Peter va a Colombia


Biblioburro - image source

El Desfile del Yipao

Yipao Parade - image source

 La Bicicleta - por Carlos Vives y Shakira

A new song that just came out this summer, La Bicicleta by Carlos Vives & Shakira. It shows a beautiful and positive Colombia, which would go great with the novel. I created an activity for novice students focusing on high frequency vocabulary, and the geography of Colombia. You can find the activity here

More Resources

Link to Quizizz 1 & Quizziz 2.
Quizlet for each chapter under user swayner 

What other resources would go great with teaching this novel? Please share!


  1. How about... "el sombrero vueltiao"... An important symbol of Colombia.....

  2. Can't wait to read this. What other two books are you reading with your students before finishing with this one?

    1. The tentative plan is to start with Martina's units, then read Tumba & present tense of Robo en la Noche. But that might change. I may use Brandon Brown Quiere un Perro in there too!


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