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No Prep Post Reading Activities for any class

One of the big pieces of feedback I got from my blog survey was that everyone wanted specific activities to do with novels. Here are a few no or very low prep activities (that do not involve any technology) that you can do after finishing a novel chapter or story. They can be pulled out in a flash for "O crap we have 15 minutes left what do we do," a last minute sub plan, or a time filler when many students are missing.

No Prep Post Reading Activities for any class

6 box storyboard

  • Supplies Needed: Computer paper & markers
  • Divide blank piece of computer paper into 6 boxes
  • Draw what happens in chapter(s)/story
Storyboard review of Ch1-5 of Brandon Brown Quiere un Perro

Blind Partner Retell (with Storyboard)

  • Supplies Needed: Storyboard
  • Partner A - Use storyboard to retell to partner
  • Partner B- look at book/projected story & correct partner
  • Switch jobs
  • Switch partners & repeat

2 Line Retell

  • Supplies Needed: Storyboard (optional)
  • Line students up across from a partner
  • Simultaneously retell chapter (can use storyboard if have them)
  • Ring a bell & one line rotates
  • Repeat a few times

    Gallery Walk

    • Supplies Needed: Paper & markers
    • After reading a story or a few chapters, give each student/group a chapter or scene.
    • Each chapter illustrates what happened on large sheets of paper or a piece of computer paper.
    • Post each one around room/school.
    • Students walk from picture to picture re-telling book using pictures.
    • **We actually did this when the power went out for a whole class period this year.**

      Optional Twist 1 - Put in Order: These could be out of order and students must put them in order.
        Optional Twist 2 - Take it outside: Use chalk to draw scenes outside when nice weather.

        Top 10 Events

        • Supplies Needed: Novel or copy of story
        • After reading, have students work in pairs to come up with the top 10 (or 5) events from that chapter in the target language.
        • Compare with other students to come up with a class Top 10 events.

        Dear Diary

        • Supplies Needed: paper & pencil
        • Have students write a diary entry as if they were a character in the story. 
        • They should include what events have happened during the story and reflect on how they affected the character and why.

        Free Write

        • Supplies Needed: paper & pencil
        • Have students write what happened in the story, chapter or book so far.
        Optional Twist 1 - Silent Conversation: Students pass their paper after 1 minute and the next person continues where the first left off.
          Optional Twist 2 - Play the teacher: After writing, students trade papers, read another free write, and reflect leaving comments like they are the teacher.

          Do you need more ideas? Here are 103 Things to Do Before/During/After Reading

          What are your go to, no prep, post reading activities?


          1. Great post! I love reading your blog!

          2. I am introducing a novel to my higher level IB juniors and I am a novice with this so this blog was helpful. I love these post reading activity ideas.


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