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Fiesta Fatal - Resources

I am really excited to use Fiesta Fatal by Mira Canion this fall in Spanish II. It will be their first novel in the past tense, and how what I will start with when I return from maternity leave in November. (To say I like planning ahead is an understatement :) I purchased a set of novels and the Teacher's Guide using our curriculum budget, but they can not be ordered until the new fiscal year in July. Of course that did not stop me from already searching to see how other teachers have used the novel and what kinds of supplemental activities they have come up with. I have already started planing with my large slideshow for the unit. As I find resources, I add them to the slideshow, so once I get to the chapter, I do not forget them. Once I have the teachers guide, I will add discussion questions and many other cultural expansions. As you can see most of the resources below came from the generous sharing of Katherine Matheson, Cynthia Hitz & Martina Bex.

Before starting the novel

I can statements for Fiesta Fatal - by Cynthia Hitz
La Quinceañera embedded reading - by Martina Bex
Morelia - Slideshow - by Martina Bex
Insecurity in Mexico Activities - by Zachary Jones

Resources & Ideas by Chapter

Ch1 - word sort WS - by Martina Bex
Ch1 - Character Matching Worksheet - by Cynthia Hitz
Ch1 - Time capsule Predictions
Ch1-3 Review - Use the marker game - review Ch1-3 - by Sra. Rump
Ch1-5 Review - Kahoot - by Katherine Matheson
Ch1-5 Review - Bingo - by Martina Bex
Ch5 - Freeze Frame - by Cynthia Hitz
Ch5 - 2 Past Tenses - by Katherine Matheson
Ch 6 Pictofrases - by Cynthia Hitz
Ch7 - Journal - by Cynthia Hitz
Ch9 - Past Tense Activitiy - by Cynthia Hitz
Ch10 - Story Retell - by Cynthia Hitz

Fiesta Fatal Pinterest Boards

Have you taught the novel Fiesta Fatal? What ideas or resources do you have to add?


  1. Holy moley!!! This is amazing. I am just getting started with comprehensible input and am reading everything I can find. I feel like I just struck gold finding this post. Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. Holy flippin' wow! Thanks so much for all of this. I was feeling completely overwhelmed with how I was going to teach a novel and you have it all in one place!! I clicked on the Pinterest board link and almost had a heart attack with the resource overload!!


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