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Lista lunes - end of the year ideas in Spanish class

Inside: Ideas for the end of year in Spanish class when you are having a hard time finding inspiration or motivation. 

Lista lunes - end of the year ideas in Spanish class from Mis Clases Locas

It is that time of the year when we need just a little something extra to finish up the year. You are this close to the end, you can do it! The students are squirrely, the teachers are tired, and the warm sun is outside. As the wonderful Laurie Clarcq said, "students are not going to master much at this point in the year. Use these days to build confidence, find joy, strengthen trust!" Here are some ideas below to do just that!

Mini Cultural Unit

Even if you are tied to a certain curriculum, the crazy end of year schedule sometimes allows for some flexibility. If you have a few days extra, a mini cultural unit is perfect! I put together a few of my favorite mini units in this post. Some ideas include La Guerra SuciaLas Fallas, La Tomatina, La Llorona or more. 

Music Unit

Music is almost always an engaging way to hook students. You could focus on one particular song if you only have a day, or could do a music bracket, where students listen to many songs and vote on their favorites. 

Movie Unit

Sometimes with wacky end of the year schedules a movie is perfect. For example when I have had exploratory classes, they watch a movie in Spanish during the long finals classes, since they do not have finals. Ferdinand Coco,  The Book of Life or Canela would be great movies for a novice class to watch, all of which I have ready made guides for. There is a guide posted if they need a little something to keep them focused and on track. 

Do a Class Story

Everyone loves being a part of a good story. Even those in upper levels if you see this post. Check out Martina Bex's site for inspiration on story scripts and activities to go with them. Make it relate to their life such as crazy summer plans, and keep it fun with props. 

Sr. Wooly

You can never go wrong with a wacky song from Sr Wooly. You can see how I use Sr. Wooly in this post. This year for the first time we are doing a fun Sr. Wooly music bracket, where students vote who moves on and we will crown a Wooly champion. 


I posted about GimKit last May and it really was a breath of fresh air at the end of the year. I know many teachers are just trying it out now, so if you have not tried it yet, do it! 

Go Outside!

Check out this recent post for many ways you can take your students outside (& still learn something;)

Lista lunes - end of the year ideas in Spanish class from Mis Clases Locas

What else would you add? What are your favorite ways to end the school year?

Originally posted 5.23.16 - updated 5.20.19

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