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Teaching La Calaca Alegre - Chapters 6-10

To finish the year, Spanish 4 is reading the novel La Calaca Alegre by Carrie Toth. I already posted about teaching chapters 1-5 and here are all posts with the label La Calaca Alegre.

Chapter 6

  • We reviewed chapters 1-5 from the week before using the fun marker partner game from Cynthia Hitz. I read true/false statements from the first 5 chapters & students have goofy rules to show their comprehension. 
  • Students read chapter 6 and we discussed it as a class. 
  • We used the videos from the teacher's guide to do a video tour of the neighborhood of Pilsen in Chicago. 

Chapter 7

  • We used the phrase "meterse en líos" to talk about students past history of getting in trouble using an activity from the teacher's guide. 
  • We read and discussed the chapter. 
  • We reviewed the conditional tense and students did a guided writing on what their reaction to Carlos would be in they were his aunt and uncle. 

Chapter 8

  • Students shared their free writes from the day before with their tables, reviewing and discussing once again what they would have done it that situation.
  • Per the class request, i read the chapter to them, and we discussed as we went. 
  • Students then wrote and discussed their prediction of what would happen in the second half of the book. 

Chapter 9

  • We discussed predictions as a class and then read and discussed chapter 9. 
  • Students completed a web quest from the teacher's guide about Jeff Zimmerman murals. 
  • We went through the Murales de Pilsen slideshow from the teacher's guide. 

Chapter 10

  • We started this chapter after a long weekend, so I divided up the 9 chapters we had read so far. My nine students were each given a piece of computer paper and were responsible for drawing and writing what happened in their chapter. These were then posted around the room in a gallery walk style, so students could walk through what had happened so far. 
  • Before reading we discussed the phrase "meter la pata," using times we had put our foot in our mouth.We read and discussed the chapter. 
  • Students completed phrases from the starter "If I were Carlos," once again focusing on using the conditional. 
Hopefully by next week I will be able to post Teaching La Calaca Alegre - Chapters 11-15 once we finish the book!

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