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Lista lunes - March Ideas

Lista lunes - March Ideas

Today marks the start of the 3rd trimester. This means there are only 12 little weeks before summer starts. The only problem is that in my school there is NO spring break, so this trimester is like a marathon without a water break. Here are some ideas to hopefully bring some sparkle into your March as we wait for the warm weather and flowers. 

St. Patrick's Day

I am aware that this is not a holiday that is normally celebrated in Spanish class, but I come from a family that is 100% Irish, meaning it is one of the most important days of the year. I love the new resources below from Kristy Placido that DOES have a cultural link from St. Paddy's day to Chile. Plus, you get a bonus throw back of my buddy as a squishy green leprechaun. 

Día de San Patricio Spanish Trivia - by Spanish Sundries

Throw back to my little leprechaun 2 years ago.  

Unless you have been living under a social media rock, you have probably seen the many awesome brackets going around. With the start of the trimester today, the madness starts NOW!


I am pretty bitter that I do not get to attend the best conference I have ever been to again this year. I plan to live vicariously through the hash tag, but it can not come close to the amazingness of meeting #langchat royalty in person. To relive a little of the greatness here are all of my posts about CSCTFL15. Good thing I already submitted a proposal to hopefully present at CSCTFL17 in Chicago!

Semana Santa Resources

While I am no longer at a catholic school, I still plan on doing a week long mini unit on Semana Santa in my level one culture and civilization class. It will be centered around this Martina Bex Unit.

image source

CI: Comprehensible Iowa Conference

Make sure to submit your proposal to present at the first ever Comprehensible Iowa Conference on June 18 in Nevada, Iowa by March 18! Or just sign up to attend what is going to be a great day of sharing and learning! I hope to see many of you there!

NEW Las Fallas

Check out plans for my mini Las Fallas unit. The festival takes place in Spain on March 15-19. 

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