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Las Fallas - Mini Cultural Unit

One of the perks of my one trimester Spanish I expansion class, Culture & Civilization is I have endless possibilities of incorporating current cultural events. I just decided yesterday that for the end of next week I want to focus on the Spanish festival Las Fallas, which takes place March 15-19. 

I was given the idea by another teacher in my local Spanish department-of-one monthly Cedar Valley Northeast meetings. She mentioned how last year one of her small classes created cardboard "ninots," and then went outside to light them on fire. While I am not sure is I can get away with the fire part yet, I do plan on studying this celebration with using the resources below. 

Download the Unit HERE!

I plan to use this Las Fallas - Slideshow to guide our exploration and discussion.The students will be filling out this Las Fallas - Note Sheet to help keep them organized and focused. (Please feel free to use these resources, but let me know if there are any errors I need to fix as I threw them together quite quickly, and do not post them as your own). 

NEW @HolaDMSSpanish shared a great "hook" for this unit. It would be perfect to have this cute video & song playing as students enter. 

I plan to start with a PQA discussion in Spanish talking about our local festivals and leading into the basic of Las Fallas. We will watch the video below, pausing for discussion. 

The fallas of Valencia, festivals of Spain - Tio Spanish Video

Then students will be let loose with their Chromebooks to explore the following resources. They will fill out their Las Fallas - Note Sheet to organize their findings. 

Las Fallas Official Website

Valencia Blog - Las Fallas

Las Fallas - Authentic Resources - from The Creative Language Class

Veinte Mundos - article, quiz & videos. 

We will all come together and share our resources, discuss in Spanish, as well as go through the rest of the Las Fallas - Slideshow, focusing on the specific parts of the events. We will also watch some authentic videos of the event parts as well. Depending on time we will hopefully then create mini cardboard or paper mache "ninots," that can either be ceremoniously burned here or at home. We will probably end with a free write, where students share as much as they can about Las Fallas. 

What other great resources do you have to share of this event?


  1. Yay!! I did my study abroad in Denia (which is about 1.5 hours south of Valencia), Denia has a Fallas festival too! Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. ¡Fenomenal! ¡Gracias por compartir!

  3. Awesome! I start the year with a unit called Zozobra based on the annual festival in Santa Fe where people write down their worries and burn them in a 50 foot "ninot". It is a great way to talk about self and feelings and pass times at the beginning of the year, and we DO burn a Zozobra! The fire marshall thought it was so cool he wanted us to do a bigger one next year! I just learned about Ninots this spring and will definitely tie in your resources. Thanks for all your sharing!

    1. I have never heard of this festival! It sounds awesome!


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