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Reading in Language Class - BOOK GIVEAWAY!

On many occasions I have posted about My Spanish Classroom LibraryNovels are the main course of my curriculum, but free reading is the self selected dessert. 

As I have mentioned before I use my library for free choice reading at the beginning of class on Tuesdays & Thursdays for 5-15 minutes depending on the class level. We started 2nd trimester of Spanish 1 for 5 minutes and build in length as the levels progress. There is little accountability since the point is students doing extensive reading on their own. I only have them fill out this form for their own records so they remember what page they are on and if they have read a book yet already or not. 

As for implementation, I try and guide students to books in which they will feel successful. Students can sit anywhere in the room that they are able to focus. I just ask that their eyes stay on the page, and they they do not just flip around. For some classes who are highly distracted, I really encourage them to follow along with their finger. I set a Google timer, get out my own free reading book and we read for fun. 

Here are many more posts about free reading from this blog

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Enter for your chance to win!

Now for the fun part, a GIVEAWAY! I want to help you start your own classroom library, so I am giving away a 5 bundles of 4-6 gently used children's books in French, Portuguese & Spanish. Most of these came from duplicates that I acquired buying bulk book sets on Ebay. The French and Portuguese came from randoms added by people who obviously could not tell the difference between these languages and Spanish:) There are three bundles in Spanish, one of chapter books and two of children's books. If I get enough submissions from teachers of other languages, I will even draw for a book gift card as well!

To enter fill out this form by Tuesday, January 5 at midnight CST. 
The winners will be drawn on January 6 and notified by email. You will have 24 hours to claim your prize. You may earn up to 8 entries by following the steps on the form. Many of the entries involve following Mis Clases Locas on social media. If you already follow me on one of these platforms, just enter your handle below the entry. Here are links to prepare for your entries and so we can connect online! 

Even if you do not want to enter, there is a space in the form for feedback for what you would like to see in the blog in 2016. Let me know what you would like to see. 
Good luck!

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