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My Special Person

Sometimes there are students who come into your lives and remind you why you became a teacher. I have one of those special people right now in my exploratory 7th grade Spanish class. Since this class is a part of the "hex" or six yearly exploratory classes for junior high, every student in the grade is a part of it, including those who spend most of their day in the self contained special education. This means that I get the chance to have the sweetest little guy in my class. Here are two awesome things that happened this week.

Candy Gram
Today I received a candy gram candy cane from him that warmed my heart. His special education teacher told me that he came in last week with a bag full of change and wanted help sending all of his teachers a candy cane. This is a kid who does not have much, but wanted to use his piggy bank savings for his teachers. It is now taped to my desk as a daily reminder to pay it forward. 

my candy gram :)

Persona Especial
Each day we do "persona especial" interviews where I ask each students questions in Spanish in front of the class. This week my buddy asked to be the special person. I have to say, I was quite nervous. He has a 1st grade reading level and a full time aid who writes everything for him. After just 2 weeks of Spanish ever, I really saw the power of comprehensible input. 

He Rocked It!

He answered every question in Spanish. It did not matter that they were single word answers, he understood enough to answer in Spanish! It was true proof to me through repetitions of high frequency vocab with comprehensible input ANYONE can learn a language. I felt like a proud mama and could not wait to brag about him to his teacher. 

As I have mentioned before, teaching early novices rocks. I am in love with these students and their early love of Spanish. During a part of the year where other classes have lost their luster and we all need a break from each other. This class and student have been my bright spot reminding me that what we do matters. 

I hope that each of you have a student like this to help relight your spark. 

If you are done today, may your break be rejuvenating and you spend lots of time with those you love. If you are like me with two more day left next week, may your coffee be strong and your Christmas treats abundant!

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