Best of 2015: #2 1st Week of Spanish Class - Daily Plans - Mis Clases Locas

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Meet Sra. Wienhold

Best of 2015: #2 1st Week of Spanish Class - Daily Plans

1st Week of Spanish Class - daily plans - Mis Clases Locas

My 2nd most popular post of the year was all about back to school! Hopefully some of you who will be starting new classes at semester will find some of this helpful at this point in the year. 

My first unit of the year focuses on Procedures, Proficiency & Positive PeopleAs promised, here is a detailed tentative plan day by day of the first week of Spanish class. This is the basic plan for Spanish I, but I plan on just building on this for Spanish II & III, with higher levels of conversation in Spanish, such as talking about what people did over the summer in the past in Spanish III. My 1st Week Logistics includes lesson plans and slideshow for week 1. 

1st Week Tentative Plan 

1st Week of Spanish Class - daily plans - Mis Clases Locas

Day 1 - I can introduce and state the names of my classmates. 

BEFORE CLASS - A Spanish Pandora Station will be playing, all desks will have these seating cards, paper & markers, there will be an "Instagram Photo Booth" set up (more info soon!) and the following instructions will be posted on the board 
  • Take a photo in the photo booth if you want to
  • Find your matching seating card 
  • Make a nameplate with your name & one items that represents you
GREET - Greet all students at the door in Spanish with a smile, handshake and a seating card. I will ask their name in Spanish, modeling "Me llamo Señora Wienhold" "¿Cómo te llamas?" 
    INTRO MYSELF - I will introduce myself using this Prezi in Spanish with a lot of actions, movement and enthusiasm. 
      NAME GAME - We will play name games standing in a circle. I will once again model "Me llamo Senora Wienhold" "¿Cómo te llamas?" and then pass a ball to another student, the first time next to them. Once everyone has been introduced, then in the second round the ball will be tossed to another student across the way until everyone has gotten it, and they will need to remember the order. We will then add in "se llama" to tell the name of who the ball came from and where it is going. This can keep going as long as there is high interest. Some classes want to be timed play speed ball style and beat a score, others tire of it quickly. The key is to end on a high note and keep them wanting more. 
        CIRCLING WITH BALLS - We will start this Ben Slavic activity to continue to get to know each other. 
          PASS OUT MINI SUPPLY LIST  - As students leave they will receive a mini supply list, so they know what to get for class. (Binder, loose leaf paper, 8 tab dividers & writing utensil)

            Day 2 - I can state the names and something about each of my classmates. 

            GREET - Greet all students at the door in Spanish
            CIRCLING WITH BALLS - We will continue to get to know each other. 
            SPEEDBALL or ICE BREAKER - As a brain & stretch break
            *If have technology ready, we may start the following items
            • *Fill out info form & self assessment
            • *Make Spanish Twitter Account 

              Day 3  I can investigate class procedures & proficiency 

              GREET - Have a conversation with all students at the door in Spanish.
              MÚSICA MIÉRCOLES
              PARENT NEWSLETTER - hand out new newsletter to all students to have signed (it will also be emailed to all parents)
              EXPLAIN 1st WEEK STATIONS 
                • Syllabus - explore & write down questions
                • Info Form - Fill out Google Form with information & Self Assessment so I can get to know all students. 
                • Proficiency Levels - I plan to create an activity to go along with working to put these proficiency posters in order & will post once it is complete! **Update: see post about proficiency puzzle here!
                • Spanish Twitter Account  - Create a Twitter account to just use for Spanish class where all tweets will be in Spanish. 

                  Day 4 -  I can investigate class procedures & proficiency 

                  GREET - Have a conversation with all students at the door in Spanish.
                  ATTENDANCE WITH A BALL
                  1st WEEK STATIONS - continue & complete secondary Twitter tasks
                    • Syllabus
                    • Info Form 
                    • Proficiency Levels - proficiency puzzle
                    • Spanish Twitter Account  **Once the other tasks are finished work on these secondary tasks
                      • Twitter Bio in Spanish
                      • Follow class account, Spanish speakers & classmates
                      • Post "Shelfies" with Spanish library
                      • Post Spanish music ideas for música miércoles & baile viernes
                      • Read & comment on classmate's Spanish posts (Spanish 2 & above)
                      SPEEDBALL or ICE BREAKER - As a brain & stretch break
                      QUESTIONS - As an exit ticket write down questions about the infograph syllabus, class expectations, and proficiency to discuss the next day.

                        Day 5+ -  I can explain class procedures and proficiency. I can introduce my classmates. 

                        GREET - Have a conversation with all students at the door in Spanish.
                        BAILE VIERNES
                        ATTENDANCE WITH A BALL
                        VIERNES CHANT
                        STATIONS - finish if needed & students turn in signed Parent Newsletter
                        QUESTIONS - Discuss as a class questions syllabus, class expectations, and proficiency. 
                        PERFORMANCE TASKS
                          • Presentational Speaking - names 
                            • In a circle, students introduce classmates to each other.
                            • Interpersonal - procedures
                              • Discuss with classmate the expectations, rules and procedures of Spanish class. 
                              • Presentational Writing - proficiency
                                • Students write about  proficiency goal and what strategies and performance tools they will use to reach that goal. 
                                Download an editable version of the unit plan here
                                Make your own Instagram Photo Booth here.
                                Download the Proficiency Puzzle activity here.
                                Download an editable version of the class syllabi here.
                                Download all of my back to school products together here.

                                I hope that someone finds this useful, as I know my first year teaching I scored everywhere to try and find the perfect plan for the first week. Also here is what I planned last year for the 
                                1st Day of Spanish Class. Just know that the first week there is a lot of business that usually needs to be taken care of, so try not to do anything too heavy, as it will end up getting interrupted by handing out locker combinations and setting up new computers. A couple items of business I will NOT be doing this year are checking out & covering textbooks #ditchbook. Please let me know if you have suggestions, ideas for improvement or questions!

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