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Best of 2015: #1 El Libro de Vida -The Book of Life movie guide

And the most popular post of the year is....(drum roll)...The Book of Life!

It is funny that the most popular posts of the year was one of the shortest, but with a usable resource. I guess that shows you are looking for short, to the point posts with something you can take and use in your classroom! It was not that popular at first, but really took off around Day of the Dead this year. I also have to thank Kara Jacobs, because this is just an adaptation on the great resource that she shared first! The original post is below in case you missed it the first time.  

El Libro de Vida - The Book of Life - Novice Guide

originally published April 3, 2015

This year to end our Tumba unit in Spanish I, I plan on watching and discussing El Libro de Vida (The Book of Life) in Spanish. It is a cute animated movie and you can see my review of the movie hereKara Jacobs shared her awesome upper level guide in Spanish hereHer guide has chronological questions, character descriptions and a "who said it" activity all in Spanish and would be perfect for an upper level class. I plan to use her questions in Spanish as we watch to keep our discussing in the target language. 

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Just like I did with my novice guide for the movie Canela, adapted from Kara, I have made a novice guide for the Book of Life. I am sharing it with Kara's permission. Some classes may not need the questions in English, but my particular Spanish I class works better with something in front of them to keep on task (especially at the end of school year:). The guide with English questions could also be used with the movie as a substitute lesson plan for a non-Spanish speaker. Thank you again Kara!

Well there you have it, the most popular post of 2015. Thank you for reading!


  1. Is there any answer key for this? It will make my grading so much easier:)

    1. I personally do not grade this for correctness. We discuss the movie as a class & they get completion points for paying attention and filling out the sheet. I do not post answer keys with free resources, because I do not want my students or yours tempted to cheat. :)


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