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Lista lunes: Winter Holidays

Lista lunes: Winter Holidays 2015

It is that time of year to round up my favorite resources from around the web for winter holidays. Here is my winter Lista lunes from 2014.  I have the resources in chronological order from December 6 to January 6. Happy Holidays!

St. Nicholas Day Around the World

I am not sure if I am the only one, but in my family we celebrate St. Nicholas Day on December 6. We put out shoes out and receive a small gift on the morning of December 6. This site has many resources for St. Nicholas Day Around the World, that would make for great cultural discussions. 

Plate Sketch Game

Something that we did last year that was a big hit was the plate sketch game. All you need are paper plates, markers and a projector. The teacher describes a Christmas (or any) scene in the target language (with the help of visuals from the presentation by Elena Lopez this post) and students blindly draw it on a paper plate on their head. Bonus points if it is tacky Christmas sweater day at school. I look forward to using this with my new group of students this year as a brain break. 

Spanish Christmas Lottery Spot - Official 2015

You have probably seen this adorable video everywhere already, but just in case I am sharing it again. We have school the Monday and Tuesday before Christmas this year, and since we are on trimesters it does not involve any kind of semester tests this year. I have decided that in all classes we will be doing a mini Christmas unit, focusing on this video. I will be using the wonderful resources below from Martina, Kara & Elena. 
Slideshow for anuncio by Kara Jacobs & Elena Lopez

Las doce uvas de la suerte, La Nochevieja y El Año Nuevo

I plan on using Martina Bex's Año Nuevo unit when we return from break on January 4. We will spend the whole first week doing cultural activities from this unit, as well as Los Reyes Magos below. We may also do some activities from the Tradiciones de la Navidad unit. 

Infographic comparing Navidad & 3 Reyes

This adorable Infographic comparing Navidad & 3 Reyes made by Mundo de Pepita would be perfect for early language learners to start comparing the two holidays. I plan to use it with my 7th grade exploratory Spanish class. There are lots of ideas of what to do with it in this post and a mini unit for purchase here

Cultural Reading Los Reyes Magos

This is an activity for Los Reyes Magos that I put together for my maternity leave sub 2 years ago when I hoped I would not be returning from winter break. There was no such luck as the little guy did not make his debut until January 14. A more advanced version of the reading, with audio and additional activities can be found here

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