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El Internado - Teaching Episode 2

For more myself than anything I want to put together all of the best resources that people have shared for teaching the show El Internado: Laguna Negra. Here was my plan for Internado episode 1, and today I will be sharing what resources I used to teach episode 2. As I have mentioned before I bought the entire series on EBay, but it is currently also on Netflix. We watch and discuss in my Spanish 3 & 4 classes on Fridays with Spanish subtitles. We go pretty slow at the start, stopping Movie Talk style to discuss, retell and do comprehension and extension activities. The holy grail of El Internado activities can be found on Mike Peto's blog.

Here is Mike Peto's complete guide to episode 2. There are many power points to introduce target structures, which should be used to pre-teach before watching. Also, Dustin Williamson created 4 super Graphic novels to accompany the episode that should be use Before watching the scenes mentioned. Here was what we used this year for episode 2, which took 3 hour long classes. 

Before starting episode

During episode breaks and activities

  • episode 2.1 viewing  guide - students summarize and write questions as we watch and discuss. (minutes 1-10)
  • Graphic novel 2 Elsa's class (@minute 14)
  • Graphic novel 3 Maria's Secret (@minute 25)
  • episode 2.3 viewing  guide - students summarize and write questions as we watch and discuss. (starts @ minute 27)
  • Graphic novel 4 Elsa & Hector fight (@minute 40)
  • Cultural Expansion - discuss Siesta (@minute 40) 
  • *We did not use it this year but another great resource is the Episode 2 Reading Guide by Kara Jacobs.

After episode

  • episode 2 review activity - Students read and complete the missing information as reading practice and to review the content. 
  • Review of episode 2 - power point to prepare for the next episode

Do you have more resources for El Internado? Please share in the comments!


  1. I really like your ideas about teaching culture through El Internado. A few years ago I collaborated with another teacher and we made a list of topics to investigate... topics, like your take on breakfast, that push beyond the "holidays and other celebrations" kind of approach to studying culture (although there is plenty to discuss about winter holidays). Sadly that project kind of floundered as we were both too busy, but then last year I was embarrassed to discover that our entire crop of IB students who went through my class had no idea what a siesta is. Major failure on my part!

    1. Thank you so much Mike for your always amazing resources! I would love to hear what other cultural expansions you had on your list. Maybe that can be my small Internado contribution :)

  2. How long did it take you to do this episode?

  3. Do you have any of Mike Peto's resources for El Internado? All the links no longer work. Thank you.

  4. Mike was asked by the company that own El Internado to take his resources down. I am sorry!


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