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Spanish Classroom Library Tour

Well there is now one part of my classroom that is (mostly) ready. My favorite part this year is my Spanish classroom library reading corner. I am going to add pillows on the chairs, and hopefully a lamp or plant in the corner. 
**Update to see my finished classroom click here**

Last year my books were just lined up on a shelf. So the part that took the most time was by far was sorting my books mixed with the existing books that were left in my new school (which is an awesome problem to have). As you can see below it got much worse before it got better. 

sorting my classroom library

As you can see in this post I made book box labels, and then re did them after sorting. I still have one more box that I added at the end that needs a label, plus the stack that has yet to find a category and for now just chills with the other picture books on shelf one below. I got the little display that I plan on rotating with seasonal or teacher picks books. 

The shelf of pictures books
 I was very lucky to get this extra tall shelf from a generous co-worker. I traded her a podium that I won't use :) It hold non-fiction books, magazines, and my out of control art supply collection (I already had the full tubs on the left, plus the full tubs on the right were left, perk of coming in after a retiring teacher). Now every table can have their own box of coloring tools for making storyboards and such. 
The shelf of nonfiction, magazines & art supplies

The third shelf below has readers and more advanced books, plus the giant bin on fairytales on top. 

leveled readers and more advanced books

As I have mentioned before I plan on using this library for free choice reading at the beginning of class on Tuesdays & Thursdays for 5-15 minutes depending on the class level. I plan to start free reading 2nd trimester of Spanish 1 for 5 minutes and build in length as the levels progress. There is little accountability since the point is for students to do extensive reading on their own. I only have them fill out this form for their own records so they remember what page they are on and if they have read a book yet already or not. 

As for implementation, I will try and guide students to books in which they will feel successful. I tell students they can sit anywhere in the room that they are able to focus (hence the comfy reading area for encouragement). I just ask that their eyes stay on the page, and they they do not just flip through. For some classes who are highly distracted, I really encourage them to follow along with their finger. From reading around the web, I personally need to do a better job this year of actually reading myself during this time, so the students see value, and not trying to get something done. 

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Tomorrow new (to the district) inservice officially starts, meaning today is my last day of summer. I hope you all have a great back to school!


  1. Thanks so much for posting this, Allison! What's your best source for building such a library on a budget?

    1. Hello!
      This was built on a budget for sure! The biggest source of books for me were grants. I wrote and received 3 grants in two years from a combination of local education funds and state IWLA funds. The focus was on building literacy through another language. If you check the $ saver label, you will also see I have gotten quite a few through the Kelloggs free book program, Ebay book lots and 2nd hand stores. It also got a huge boost from the teacher retiring teacher of 30 years I replaced at my new school. She graciously left all books for my classroom.
      It also looks like I have a lot more now that they are organized and spread out.
      Let me know if you have any more questions & good luck this school year!
      Warm Regards,

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