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Libro lunes: Spanish Reader - Peter va a Colombia

If you are looking for another reader to add to your Spanish classroom library, you should check out Peter va a Colombia by @ProfeKlein at Craig Klein is a native Spanish speaker from Colombia, who now lives in Iowa and teaches elementary Spanish. I was fortunate enough to see his presentation on comprehensible input at #CSCTFL15 with extraordinary student examples in Spanish. 

It was at Craig's presentation that I first heard about the Spanish reader he wrote, Peter va a Colombia. I had been meaning to purchase it since then and finally read it on a plane last week. It is a cute reader for novice Spanish learners that tells the stories of a boy from Iowa who travels to Colombia and all of the adventures he has along the way. The book is chock full of wonderful culture and each chapter introduces the reader to a new positive aspect of Colombia. I would love to purchase a class set and make it a part of my Spanish 1 curriculum. It would be the basis of a cultural unit on Colombia. I personally learned a lot of new cultural aspects about the country and students would as well. Here are a couple really fun extensions for this reader. Craig also has activities that go with these ideas available for purchase on his site.


Did you know there is a man who has a mobile library on a Donkey in Colombia!?  There are more resources to teach about Biblioburro here

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Desfile del yipao

Also, the Desfile del yipao is an interesting festival in Colombia where trucks are loaded with extreme amounts of stuff! Both of these would be great cultural pieces to add to any Spanish class study of Colombia. 

What are some other readers for Spanish that I should add to my classroom library?

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