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Cultural Reading Activity - Mexico

As I prepare for the school year after Unit 1, Spanish 2 is going to start the year reading the novel Tumba by Mira Canion. Last year I blogged a lot about teaching the novel for the first time and those posts can be found here. I am starting at a school who has not read any novels, so I figured Tumba would be a perfect choice to boost their confidence in reading a whole book. It is also the right season since it takes place during the Day of the Dead

I love prepping students for a novel with cultural readings about the location it takes place. Martina Bex has some awesome reading activities focusing on locations of novels. They teach about culture and geography, while never leaving the target language because they are at the students' level. I decided to make such a reading about Mexico to prepare for Tumba. 

I made this cultural reading activity for novice Spanish speakers to give them a basic overview about Mexico, while staying in Spanish. It includes sections on geography, culture & Day of the Dead. I chose these cultural aspects in particular to prepare specifically for Tumba, but it could be used by any novice class. It includes novice level readings, comprehension activities and writing expansion possibilities in Spanish. It would also work well as a sub plan or to introduce the Day of the Dead. I am excited to have the students try it out soon! 


  1. I purchased this book from the website using PayPal, and now for some reason I can't download it. The email I sent to the author bounced back to me. Do you know know anything about this? Thank you.

    1. Dear Jennifer,
      Did you purchase this reading product or the actual book from Mira Canion? I am sorry, I am not sure what you are having an issue with.
      Warm Regards,


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