Back to School Bundle - Mis Clases Locas

Box 1

Box 1
Teaching with Novels

Box 2

Box 2

Box 3

Box 3
Meet Sra. Wienhold

Back to School Bundle

By request I have put together all of the resources in one place that I will be using for back to school. They can now be downloaded all together here. It includes the items below in Word, Pages & PDF. 

You can see my outline for Unit 1 here, as well as my Daily Plans here.
Last year's 1st Day of Spanish Class post is now my most popular post ever beating out Baile viernes (which makes me kind of sad since #baileviernes is my baby). 

Today marks my last day of real summer with baby boy. Next week he will be going back to day care part time so I can work on my classroom and attend new teacher orientation (since I will be at a new school). The following week is staff PD and then kids finally arrive on the 31st. It may look like I am all prepared, but I have literally barely touched my classroom and have nothing planned beyond week 1. But, if my first year taught be anything, I should spend the time planning, NOT just on my classroom. I need to tell myself It does NOT have to be perfect day 1 and should be a work in progress with the help of my students. 
This reminds me, if you are a new teacher check out my advice on How to Survive Your 1st Day Teaching.
Happy planning!


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