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Quick Tip: 2 Free Books (in Spanish!)

As we plan for a new school year, I do not know many teachers who say: 
"I have so much extra money to spend on my classroom and classroom library." 
I realized that I actually have quite a few posts with money saving ideas and ways to get free or cheap resources, so I know have them all grouped together under the label $ Saver. (All labels can be found on the left sidebar). 

I blogged last year about how to get free books for your classroom from the Kelloggs Family Rewards program and now it is back! (No I am not a sponsor of these products). Last year, you could enter 3 codes from specially marked packages from anywhere to get a free book (In Spanish if you would like!). This year the packages must be from Sam's Club or Walmart, but 1 package gets you 1 (or 2!) free book(s)!

The instructions can be seen below. By entering a code from a specially marked Kelloggs products from Walmart you get a free book, and from Sam's Club you get 2 books.
 I do not usually shop at either of these places, but I might have to, since the books below in Spanish can be earned for free through the program. 

How can you get many free books? Last year I put a blurb in our quarter 1 parent newsletter, and actually had a parent bring in a stack of 18 boxes for me! Also, my mom and mother in law are good about saving codes for me as well. Just make sure that it has the "free book" code on the front, or you will just gets points and not a free book. The list below are the participating products at Sam's Club. 

If you have another great money saving way to build your classroom library, please let me know!

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