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Lista Lunes - Classroom Set Up - 6.15.15

Since I will be starting over in a new classroom, I feel like a first year teacher, pouring over new ideas of how to set up and decorate my classroom. I am going to try and follow some of the advice in this article, which talks about research based reasoning for how to set up a highly effective classroom. Some of her suggestions are to decorate your classroom like you would your home, with pleasing sounds, smell, homey touches, and clutter is put away. As you can see from the tour of my 1st year classroom, my last room, was as you could say BOLD. The new room will already be toned down as I can not paint it, so it will be white with a brown stripe. It is going to kind of kill me that I will not be able to get into it until August, but it means I will probably have all kinds of plans for when I can finally get in there. Here is some of my inspiration from around the web. 

Lista Lunes - Classroom Set Up

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2 File Cabinets = Magnetic Board

This year I have two matching file cabinets and I plan to put them back to back and cover the front with fabric and a border. It will be perfect behind my desk for announcements, schedules and other items to post. 

Classroom Libraries

Lately I have been obsessing over how I am going to organize my growing classroom library. Here are a couple pictures that have been inspiring me. (Even though most are for elementary :) I am on the look out for more shelves and bins to organize, and comfy chairs and pillows to lounge. 
A cozy space from A Play Based Classroom

Super Colorful by Kindercraze

Lessons With Laughter

#First Day Bulletin Board

This would be a fun bulletin board to have with the class hashtag. From my experience having printed pictures is a rare luxury to high school students and they LOVE seeing pictures of themselves posted in real life. 

Reading Questions

I may make some reading questions like this in Spanish to help students come up with questions to analyze a text. 

Deskless Classroom

Thanks to Grant BoulangerBu Cathy and other's reflections on teaching without desks, I am seriously considering at least just trying it out. I love the idea of the freedom and possibilities for a storytelling class. 

What are you planning on for next year's classroom?

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