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Summer Goals

Just like last year the first thing I think about on summer break is next school year! Except last year the was not until June 4th! (Thank you less snow days & no make-up days for state football for the longest summer in history:). Looking back a year ago I was nervously thinking about how I would possibly implement novels and El Internado in what had been a pretty textbook focused curriculum. Now looking back I am so glad I took that leap and I could never imagine going back. So for those of you thinking about spending the summer delving into something new curriculum wise, do it! Please let me know if you need help brainstorming or finding resources, because I have gotten pretty good at borrowing from the best. 

Even though it will be my fourth year teaching, I will once again be starting over, but this time with a completely new group of kids, so I can reuse things that have worked the best! Knowing I have a pretty deep back of tricks now, I know that I can actually take some time off this summer from planning for teaching, and focus on my favorite 16 month old student! Keeping that in mind I have my own goals this summer, both professional and personal. (I almost started it as a "To Do" list, but then remembered I am on vacation, so there is no need to check things off a list!)

Professional Goals

  • Read more TPRS  books as research for ones I would like to teach
  • Watch Spanish TV shows & movies such as Gran HotelSin IdentidadEl BarcoVelvet & Te Presento a Valentín (or just rewatch El Internado:)
  • Blog 2-3 times per week
  • Re-plan curriculum for a new school with 1 hour classes on 12 week trimesters (who is not used to having comprehensible input methods or novels)
  • Design a new classroom...maybe with just chairs!
  • Participate in Langcamp, #langchat & other online professional development
  • Get familiarized with my Chromebook and plan for implementation with my school who will be newly 1:1

Personal Goals

our local pool 

  • Get our use out of our family pool pass
  • Go to Movies Under the Moon
  • Buy (& use!) a lot of local produce at the farmers market
  • Daily activity including stroller walks
  • Go to the library weekly, including toddler story time
  • Speak only Spanish to baby boy
  • Take parent/child swim lessons
  • Enjoy 1st mom/dad vacation away from the little guy
  • Clean out and organize the office/closet/junk room
  • Read a book for fun outside

What are your summer goals?

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