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Quick Tip: Semana Santa

Hello there!
We are in the middle of conferences and finishing up the quarter, but I thought I would share a couple great resources that I have found while planning a mini unit on Semana Santa, or holy week. I currently teach at a Catholic school, and holidays in the Spanish speaking world are a really easy way to incorporate theology through the culture. Even if you are at a public school, the traditions around the world make for great way to put culture at the core of language teaching. 

This infograph would be perfect to both teach the traditions of Semana Santa, as well as the geography of Mexico. It could be used as a reading comprehension activity, a reading station, or expanded by having groups research and present on how Semana Santa is presented in these different towns or regions. 

This calendar describes what happens each day of holy week this year. 

This blog has a ton more infographs on Semana Santa. 

This Pinterest board has both ideas for Semana Santa, but also Easter as well. 

This is a great Pinterest Board with all things Holy Week.

I plan on basing my mini unit around this awesome cultural unit by the always fabulous Martina Bex. Her embedded readings and activities make it possible to easily teach culture completely in Spanish. 

What resources do you have for Semana Santa? Please share in the comments!


  1. Wow, thanks for all these resources! My comment about Semana Santa is more of something I do in my room than an on-line resource. Because I am the only Spanish teacher at my school, I teach Semana Santa across the levels so I end up reviewing the important vocabulary from year to year. To make it more interesting for the kids, I put the words in Easter eggs that I bought cheap one year after the holiday. I then scatter the eggs around the room (or outside when I used to teach in a trailer). The kids race to collect as many eggs as possible but then to earn the points they need to be able to define/describe the vocabulary words. I know our traditional Easter egg hunts are not part of Semana Santa but it gets the kids moving and engages them while then allowing the transition into the cultural discussion.

    1. Wow, great activity Srta. Delcher. I may have to try that for Semana Santa week.


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